Raisin Bran :-)

IMG_1196I have a meeting today; the “University Management Team Meeting” which means it’s the hundreds of people with titles at or above Director on campus.  That meant two things:  First, that I needed to look passingly decent, and second that I was going to have to hoof it to the far side of campus.  Those two considerations resulted in today’s outfit, which I smirkingly call Raisin Bran.

Both the pants and the cardigan are in a color that Coldwater Creek calls Raisin.  The light wasn’t cooperating, but the color is a deep red/purple/burgundy color that walks the line between that and brown.  I LOVE the color; it’s warm and rich but not overly assertive.  And MASSIVELY on sale if you like the styles.

  • Raisin Cardigan – Coldwater Creek
  • Raisin Ponte Trousers – Coldwater Creek
  • Raisin bracelet – Coldwater Creek (no longer on site)
  • Raisin necklace – Coldwater Creek (no longer on site)
  • Snake-print shell – Calvin Klein bought at Marshall’s
  • Josef Seibel black shoes

I know; the shoes are boring. But they are also comfortable and practical for walking to the other side of campus, which was really the priority here.

Next week I will get Thursday Threads going again.  It fell to the wayside for the holidays, but that is fixable!


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  1. Loving the raisin! One of my favourite colours at the moment.