Happy artificially created (by a medieval pope) end/beginning of the calendar

Happy New Year!  No year-end-wrap-ups, here, and non posts with fancy outfits  that only get worn once per year.  My husband and I tend to stay home and veg on new years eve, kiss each other at midnight, then call it a day.  Frankly, it feels like any Saturday to me.  But it means that tomorrow is my last day off work and then my busy new year starts.  Pictures will recommence on Wednesday, and you’ll get to see all the holiday goodies.  There are a lot of them, to the point where I currently have no real interest in shopping at all (which is REALLY rare).

Anyway, enjoy your evening, and I will see you (and you will see ME) in a couple of days…

**In reference to the pope comment, our current calendar is called the Gregorian Calendar and was implemented by decree of Pope Gregory XIII in 1582.  It is hardly the first calendar and isn’t the only one currently in use.

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