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Thursday Threads: The Static Edition

My outfit today inspired the name “The Static Edition” because I am having the WORST case of static. This is another outfit that looked much better in my head than on my body.

I mentioned yesterday that I had an excellent ASOS shopping day a few weeks ago and this dress was one of the items to come of it.  I had been eyeing skater dresses with a bit of trepidition but bit the bullet and ordered 2 that day. This is the Knitted Dress with Back Zip.

I few things to know about this dress.  First, it’s a very light-weight knit.  VERY light-weight.  In fact, slightly see-through, even in black.  A 22 fit me just fine, in fact a bit loose, so I would say it runs big.  But mostly, this thing built up static like it was trying to power my house.  Literally, I took the pictures and went inside to start tossing my bedroom for a slip.  (By the time I found it I didn’t have time to take another picture.)  Out of 60 pictures this was the best I could do.

I’m not entirely happy with the way this looks.  I swear the dress needs a crinoline or something, and as I mentioned, it runs big so it doesn;t come in much at my waist.

It also needs different shoes.  I love those boots, but that wasn’t the right look.  Ah well, we live and learn.

  • Black Dress (ASOS Curve)
  • Wine Leggings that hardly show (TJ Maxx)
  • Black Boots (Earthies Ramini)
  • Scarf (Marshalls, not quite the right colors)
  • Red Bag (Brahmin, because I didn’t get around to changing it out and don’t actually have the right color wine bag that I want to go with this outfit)
In my head this needs a better colored scarf and bag, a small crinoline so that the skirt puffs out, different shoes, and possibly a belt to bring my waist in if I have the guts.  We’ll see what I find for the first two on after christmas sales.
So what are you wearing today?