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When the real picture doesn’t match the vision

Today’s outfit is not a success.  Rather, this is a case where the image I had in my head did NOT look good when put on my body.  Ah well.  Now I have the urge to go shopping at lunch time.

  • Eileen Fisher Red Tunic Sweater (old, clearance)
  • Grey Coldwater Creek Knit Jeans (do I really need to link again?)
  • Calvin Klein scarf (Marshall’s)
  • Red leather bracelet
  • Black Josef Seibel shoes
My primary problem is that I just don’t feel as though this outfit is doing me any favors.  It is emphasizing the fact that my hups are wider than my shoulders and making me look almost triangular.  Not a good look.  The scarf seems OK with the sweater.  The pants are looking wrinkled and clinging to my thighs in a funny way.  Beyond that I stuck with the black Coach purse due primarily to time constraints and that just isn’t a stand out piece.

Partially I just felt blah this morning; I tried to dress up, starting with (*gasp*) tights and a skirt, but I put my thumb through the tights and didn’t have an extra pair. The morning went downhill from there.

pleated poppy