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Happy artificially created (by a medieval pope) end/beginning of the calendar

Happy New Year!  No year-end-wrap-ups, here, and non posts with fancy outfits  that only get worn once per year.  My husband and I tend to stay home and veg on new years eve, kiss each other at midnight, then call it a day.  Frankly, it feels like any Saturday to me.  But it means that tomorrow is my last day off work and then my busy new year starts.  Pictures will recommence on Wednesday, and you’ll get to see all the holiday goodies.  There are a lot of them, to the point where I currently have no real interest in shopping at all (which is REALLY rare).

Anyway, enjoy your evening, and I will see you (and you will see ME) in a couple of days…

**In reference to the pope comment, our current calendar is called the Gregorian Calendar and was implemented by decree of Pope Gregory XIII in 1582.  It is hardly the first calendar and isn’t the only one currently in use.

Gift Exchanges and Gratuitous Dog Pictures!

I took part in the Winter Gift Exchange this past month, and kind of blew it.  The person who was to send me something emailed but it went into my Spam folder.  However the month got away from me on a number of levels, and I never CHECKED my spam folders, so I didn’t see the message until, like, a week ago.  Yes, I suck.  Katie was AMAZING, however, and fired off the most wonderful and thoughtful package, priority mail.

In the signup, we had all been asked to specify things that we liked so that our partners would have a clue about what to get us.  What I said was “I love scarfs and jewelry, but dislike candles and anything that sits on a shelf waiting to be dusted. [The exception to that last part is really grumpy looking owl stuff…the grumpier the owl looks, the more I tend to love it.]” And she NAILED IT.  She sent this lovely black and sparkly silver scarf that will go with more things in my wardrobe than I can possibly count, an owl ring and my absolute favorite, a purple (my favorite color, btw) owl candle.  I absolutely LOVE him because he looks REALLY grumpy; like he’s about to smack someone one of those wings..  LOVE it.

Thank you so much, Katie!  Check out Katie‘s blog at – she has a terrific sense of humor and has already been added to my daily rounds!

I sent a gift to Melissa at – She had the great idea of sharing her etsy wishlist, making it painfully easy for me to find her something appropriate.  As a certified lip blam addict, I sent her a wonderful peppermint flavor from Aquablossom along with a couple of yummie smelling body butters.  If you check out her reveal post you can check out other gifts as well!

Finally, the last part of the gift exchange was a charitable gift as well.  I volunteer year round at the Arizona Animal Welfare League, the largest no-kill shelter in the state, but for this challenge will be taking part in what is called the K-9 Head Start program.  We take dogs who have been at the shelter for a long time and need some additional training and perhaps basic obedience to make them attractive to adopters and work with those dogs for several weeks.  All dogs deserve a good, loving home, and this will help a few more find theirs.

Finally, speaking of dogs, you all deserve pictures of the two most pampered, spoiled rotten dogs on the planet; mine.

This is Zoe, our 6 year old Rottweiler.  We adopted her from a local rescue group after she was found living on a golf course at somewhere around 6-9 months old.  It took a lot of work, but she is now a lap dog and sweet as can be.  Seriously.  Here is a picture of my 16 month old god-daughter hand feeding her from last week:

Esme loved Zoe; Zoe would her the “human puppy” around the house, and every once in a while Zoe would knock her over and Esme would laugh and try to bark at her.

And this is my baby, Simon.  He’s 2.5 years old, a German Shephard Corgi mix.

(It’s easier to see the corgi mix when he is standing up and you can see just how short his legs are in proportion to the rest of him.)  Simon is the sweetest, gentlest, most devoted dog I’ve ever had.  He follows me everywhere, and stealthily managed to figure out how to sleep on the bed between my husband and I.  (This occasionally results in achy backs, though, if he gets turned around funny.)

Boxing Day

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Yule, etc.  I hope you got everything you had hoped for.  I had an excellent geek holiday; I got an SSD for my mac and a thermapen instant read thermometer (I LOVE to cook).  I also got a gorgeous necklace from my husband, a couple of scarves, and a cardigan from my sister-in-law.

Anyway, today I went out to see what I could find in after christmas sales.  That meant I was in a rush.  Apparently I hit the zoom by accident when setting up the camera, because I managed to cut off my own feet today.  Ah well…

This is my uniform; black pants, black cardi, print tank OR Black pants, print/colored cardi, black tank.  No thought, always matches, looks pulled together without much effort, and frankly I have a TON of each of those elements so there is always something clean!

  • Animal Print “Peplum” Tank (Alloy)
  • Ruffled Cardigan (Marshall’s, a couple seasons ago)
  • Black Ponte Trousers (Coldwater Creek)
  • Animal and Wood Bangles (
  • Multi-level necklace (the little boutique across the street*)
  • Black Josef Seibel Shoes (TJ Maxx) [My feet hurt from shopping, baking and running around campus to work receptions, so I went comfy.]

I went to Nordstroms to try on a type of shoe that they supposedly carried, only to find out that they don’t actually carry them.  However, I was already IN Nordstroms, so I had to shop.  (Moral imperative and all…)  I found a great shirt you will be seeing soon that was on clearance, bought a new lipstick (Laura Mercier’s Creme Smooth Lipstick in Dulce de Leche, worn above), and finally broke down and bought myself Chanel’s Black Pearl nail polish.

From there I headed to Dillards and Macy’s, but only found one other shirt that I liked and whose price was where I wanted it to be.  I found a terrific Patricia Nash purse, though, that was on sale for a steal (due to a very small broken stitch that I know how to fix) and which will premier in the spring.  I also spent a chunk of money at Coldwater Creek, who has everything 50% off at the moment.  I got pants, tops, jewelry and a scarf.  Overall it was a successful trip to the mall!

*Funny story:  I went in there to check out their end of semester sale (30% off everything) and was greeted by Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell.  Turns out they now play 80s in there all the time.  All I could think was “That was new and edgy when I was in college.  That makes me kind of old, doesn’t it.”  The girl at the counter told me she LOVES Billy Idol and 80s stuff.  I’d be surprised if she were even BORN in the 80s.

pleated poppy

Blogger inspiration mashup

I’m still here, but the holidays have been eating up all my time and making picture-taking drop to the bottom of my list.  Also making outfit design drop to the bottom of my list, meaning I wore repeats Monday and Tuesday.  Today, however, I pulled together looks from two bloggers into my take on a single outfit.

My inspirations were these:

Obviously these weren’t hard looks to mash up – both feature a striped shirt and dark cardigan.  One has a scarf and the other has red pants.  I chose to grab those two aspects and came up with this look:

The pieces are simple enough:

  • Black and white striped shirt (J.Jill)
  • Black boyfriend cardigan (Michael Kors, found at Marshalls)
  • Red jeans (Bandolino, found at Marshalls)
  • Blue/Purple infinity scarf (Simply Vera Wangs at Kohls)
  • Black and Brown purse (Brahmin bought used on ebay for a steal)
  • Black Shoes (Josef Seibel found on
  • Nail Polish (Black Pearl by Chanel, my christmas gift to me)
In a perfect world I would have a mustard scarf, but I don’t so I went with one of my good colors.


After today I will be off work until the new year, and will be posting intermittently.  There are some days when the list of chores is long and I won’t be leaving the house.  Take my word for it, I will not be dressing in anything other than grubbies to clean the garage.  However I may end up with new clothing and almost certainly will end up hitting after christmas sales, so I should have lots to show you in the new year!


Happy Holidays


pleated poppy

A cold friday morning

This morning was a good 10 degrees colder than it had been.  This was primarily due to the storm that blew through last night (although the sun was already back this AM), but regardless I picked an outfit that would warm me up!

  • Mustard Cords (Lane Bryant)
  • Black Tahari Tee (Marshall’s)
  • Black Michael Kors Boyfriend Cardigan (Marshall’s)
  • Black Josef Seibel Shoes (TJ Maxx)
  • Scarf (Kohls)
  • Owl ring holding the scarf (Charming Charlies)
  • Bracelet (Kohls)

My husband has a tendency to put things in the dryer and forget about them, which is why the pants are so wrinkled.  I should take a page from his book and use that Downey Wrinkle Releaser on them, but much the same way as he can walk past piles of clutter and never actually see them, I don’t see wrinkles.  I have to work on that.  Still, you can’t beat a pair of cords for warm and cozy on a cold, damp Friday morning.

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