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Monochromatic Monday

Last night I was reminded that perimenopause sucks; I slept awfully and, as a result, could not get going this morning.  Bad sleep also makes me grumpy, so I dressed to suit my mood.  Black.

Of course, for me, dressing in all black is both trivially easy and not necessarily boring.  There is a lot more texture to this outfit than is immediately apparent, but lets go through the pieces first.

  • Black mini-wale corduroy jacket (Lane Bryant)
  • Black and white polkadot shirt (Kiyonna)
  • Black shapeware tank
  • Black Ponte Holly Pants (Coldwater Creek)
  • Black Earthies Barina Ankle Boots (via Ebay, $99.99 at Sierra Trading Post) – picture below since you can’t see them in the pictures.
  • Cameo Locket (a boutique in downtown Denver)
  • Silver bracelet (Tiffanys)
  • Gunmetal pearl ring (a boutique in Sedona, AZ)

Of course, I have a hard time with jackets so it wasn’t long before I stripped it off.  For that reason I wanted to share the look without the jacket.  I am a HUGE fan of the Kiyonna tops; they are extremely flattering, cover a multitude of sins in the tummy area, and range from a 10/12 to a 30/32.  I am a comfortable, consistent 3X in their tops and am probably up to 5 of them now.  They wash well, never shrink, have some stretch, drape nicely and are just about everything a girl could want.  My only (minor) complaint is that they tend to be a bit low to wear without a camisole at work, but that is so easily fixed it’s hard to worry about.

The shoes are Earthies, so the arch support is AMAZING and the quality is excellent.  Of course, they aren’t especially visible under the pants, so here they are up close.  They are very cute!

The shoes are Earthies, so the arch support is AMAZING and the quality is excellent.  Of course, they aren’t especially visible under the pants, so here they are up close.  They are very cute!

My weekend was pretty mellow; saturday was spent working at an event for the animal shelter at which I volunteer (Arizona Animal Welfare League; Adopt a shelter pet!).  We adopted out 4 of the dogs we took with us, so it was a very successful day.

Sunday was less successful; I was trying to write an academic paper but pretty much went around in circles the entire time.  Ah well….some days are just like that.  Then I made thanksgiving dinner for my husband and I.  (We had gone to a potluck at a friends house but my husband was craving my cooking.)  Even with just a half breast roasted we should have leftovers for most of the week!

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Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

The title should be sung to the tune of Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue.  I just need to come up with the rest of the words 🙂

As you might recall, I’ve been having some problems with mild plantars fasciitus.  Because of that I am trying to move over to primarily “sensible shoes”.  Thank goodness they are making cuter sensible shoes these days.

I am also crazy thankful for Podiatry Shoe Review, a blog written by one of the top Podiatrists in Phoenix.  She has a great post that went up today on the Top 20 Women’s Comfort Dress Shoes.  She talks about the features of different brands and styles, but more importantly does a terrific job of explaining what types of foot pain each shoe can or can’t hurt.  I definitely recommend taking a look.

A Pot-Luck Thanksgiving

For the last few years my friends and I have had a tradition of what we call “Orphan’s Thanksgiving”.  Rather than lots of small thanksgiving dinners, those of us without family or without nearby family get together and do a pot luck thanksgiving.  Everyone brings a couple of things and we eat together.

As you might expect, this doesn’t require a dressed up look.  So I went for stylish casual with all items I’ve worn before:

  • Blue snake print jeans (Kohls)
  • Black flow-y knit top (Valerie Bertinelli for Marshalls)
  • Black ballet-flat style sneakers (Marshalls, similar)
  • Brass geometric necklace (Loyalty and Blood via
  • Brass bracelet (the little boutique across the street)
  • Prescription Sunglasses (Goggles4u)

Looking at the picture, I’m not entirely happy with the taper on the leg of the jeans.  However snake print jeans like this are a very trendy style, and likely to be OUT of style again fairly quickly.  Plus they were pretty cheap in the first place, and border on too big.

And I know; a fashion in sneakers!!!  What a shock!  I can’t recall the last time I saw that…  We’ll just write that one off as my own personal style 😉


Favorite Frock Friday

OOTD from San: Travel day, just in time for holiday travel

On a business trip to Seattle, so I’m looking forward to four hours on a plane, followed by a long day of meetings and a dinner. This calls for an outfit that holds up to a nearly 20 hour day.

I paired an Ulla Popken black and white houndstooth tunic in size 20/22 ($59) with black leggings. I am happy to report I looked as crisp and pulled together at 10pm on the West Coast as I did at 5 am in Dallas. This is an excellent well-made piece, the venting on the side seams eases it thru the hips and makes it very comfortable.

I paired this with a Betsy Johnson quilted patent bag I picked up at TJMaxx for $39, which is also great for travel, as I was able to toss my iPad it in!

For accessories, I went with a long black glass and faux pearl necklace and a stack of blue/black/white bangles from Chico’s for a small pop of color. If I was wearing this at home, I may have opted for bolder accessories (like Red), but when travelling I try and keep to a single color scheme to reduce what I need to pack.

I wore a pair of Privo suede booties I have had for years. I have worn these relentlessly every winter for years, and they still look pretty good. This is an item I wish I had purchased every color and a backup pair for when they wore out!

Gwynnie Bee Item 2 and Browns

Today’s outfit features the 2nd item from my Gwynnie Bee order, The Igigi Sakura Cardigan in Multi.  It’s soft, cozy and I love the colors.  It comes with a belt which, after playing with, didn’t get worn; apparently my figure is a little too apple and not hourglass enough to make it work.  It just made my butt look REALLY big.

  • Igigi Sakura Cardigan in Multi; via Gwynnie Bee
  • Rust tank, Marshalls
  • Brown Knit Jeans, Coldwater Creek (which I appear to need a size smaller…)
  • Olive and Camo Sperry Top-siders, previously worn here
  • Gold bracelet, gift
  • Necklace, can’t recall where I got it
  • Glasses: (prescription eyeglasses at a killer enough price that I got a pair of sunglasses the last time I ordered!)

I am seriously considering ordering this and want your opinion;

  • Great enough looking to own?
  • Just OK?
  • Too specific (ie hard to style with other things)?
  • Nice but I should save my money for another purse?  Or something else I suppose…

Of course speaking of other purses, one of my issues this morning was that I didn’t appear to HAVE a purse that matched or coordinated.  The new one I posted about yesterday is bright green (and also not here yet), and I had been thinking about the need for a nice dark brown purse.  I found this and ordered it:

This is the Fossil Vintage Revival Flap in Giraffe, and I am head over heels in love with this bag!  It’s a great size, gorgeous design, has some swagger to it without being colorful and was, by the time I was done, 36% off.  It is neutral enough to go with anything in the browns, but still fun, which is exactly what I wanted to find!

I may need to do something about my growing purse fetish soon…. Wait until you see the funky one I picked up on ebay today.

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