Spread the Polish Swap

I love playing with nail polish.  One of my favorite things is playing around with new colors.  Admittedly, I usually give myself pedicures more often than manicures, but any excuse to do something once and having it look cute for a week is something I am all over.

Anyway, I joined the “Spread the Polish”Sqap and was assigned Carly from Lipgloss and Crayons.  (Funny story:  She emailed with the title of ” Polish Swap Partner”.  I was having a REALLY long day, so what I read was “Polish (as in from Poland) Partner Swap”, and was trying to figure out why someone would want my cranky old husband 🙂 )  I told her I loved sparkly polishes, which are also PERFECT for this time of year!

I sent Carly a box containing an Opi Polish, a Sally Hanson magnetic polish, and a few of the mini polishes that come in those little 4-packs.  [I love those things, btw…. I have a shoe-box full of them.  They let me try new colors without feeling guilty that I have a full bottle that I’ve used twice.  Ulta, Opi, and Sephora all have them, usually to show off their newest colors, although the only ones available online are the Sephora sets.]

A couple of days later, a box shows up containing the polish set above!  The New Black: Innovations in Color: Glimmer Twins.  This set includes two versions of silver polish; one that is shimmering, while the other that goes further to glittery.  I promptly put the shimmery silver on first, then added the glitter layer over the top.  As you can see above, the result is a wonderful sparkly color that is perfect for a night out.  (You know, like the weekend coming up!)

I then tried the glitter version over a darker purple/brown color and am loving the result!  I also tried using the silver shimmering polish as a type of french tip, but my hand wasn’t steady enough.  Perhaps with a set of those templates that create a clean edge….

Thanks Carly!  This has been fun!


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