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Back in Black

I admit it;  when I don’t feel well and/or am in a hurry, I fall back on black (and don’t blow-dry my hair).  That was the case this morning when 1) I had an early meeting and 2) appear to either be getting a head cold or having a really bad allergy attack.  Nontheless it gave me a chance to wear this cool new tank I got.

  • Art Deco Tank (Avenue; 22/24)
  • Long Knit Cardigan (Marshall’s)
  • Black Ponte “Jeggings” (Lane Bryant, 22)
  • Silver Bracelet (Tiffanys, old)
  • Boots (don’t recall) with Birkenstock Insoles
The thing I notice (now, of course) looking at this image is that I have no legs.  OK, that’s not COMPLETELY true, but I don’t have a whole lot of leg.  I knew that, of course; I have short stubby little legs regardless of my outfit.  But this very long cardi isn’t doing me any favors in that department.
This outfit was paired with the same purse I’ve been carrying all week, the green Kate Spade.  This is mostly out of laziness driven by not feeling entirely well; it’s hard to decide what you are wearing and trade out purses when you are sneezing.


That should get a bit easier starting next week.  We have an extra* Billy bookcase from Ikea that needs 1 door, and then it will be set up as a purse storage and changing location.  Yes, I’m going to have an entire cabinet dedicated to purses.  Although I may also use it for boot storage during the non-boot time of the year. Depends on how full it gets….


Favorite Frock Friday

*It’s kind of a funny story, actually.  We have this spot in our hallway that used to have cabinetry, but the arizona weather had dried it up and it was falling apart.  It also wasn’t especially sensibly designed for what we needed to store.  So we pulled it out, painted the area, and decided to get some bookcases for the spot.  We measure, and it says the opening is 63.5 inches wide.  The bookcases are 31.5 each, so that would be 63, which should fit, right?  Well, apparently not.  Or rather the opening was 63.5 inches wide at the FRONT, but not once you got in a couple of inches.  By the back it narrows to 62.  So after buying and assembling the two bookcases, the 2nd doesn’t fit.  So husband went back and got a narrow one to put into that space with one of the wide ones, but now we were left with an extra, assembled bookcase.  Sitting in the middle of one of the lesser used rooms while we tried to figure out what to do with it.  This seems as good a use as any…

Spread the Polish Swap

I love playing with nail polish.  One of my favorite things is playing around with new colors.  Admittedly, I usually give myself pedicures more often than manicures, but any excuse to do something once and having it look cute for a week is something I am all over.

Anyway, I joined the “Spread the Polish”Sqap and was assigned Carly from Lipgloss and Crayons.  (Funny story:  She emailed with the title of ” Polish Swap Partner”.  I was having a REALLY long day, so what I read was “Polish (as in from Poland) Partner Swap”, and was trying to figure out why someone would want my cranky old husband 🙂 )  I told her I loved sparkly polishes, which are also PERFECT for this time of year!

I sent Carly a box containing an Opi Polish, a Sally Hanson magnetic polish, and a few of the mini polishes that come in those little 4-packs.  [I love those things, btw…. I have a shoe-box full of them.  They let me try new colors without feeling guilty that I have a full bottle that I’ve used twice.  Ulta, Opi, and Sephora all have them, usually to show off their newest colors, although the only ones available online are the Sephora sets.]

A couple of days later, a box shows up containing the polish set above!  The New Black: Innovations in Color: Glimmer Twins.  This set includes two versions of silver polish; one that is shimmering, while the other that goes further to glittery.  I promptly put the shimmery silver on first, then added the glitter layer over the top.  As you can see above, the result is a wonderful sparkly color that is perfect for a night out.  (You know, like the weekend coming up!)

I then tried the glitter version over a darker purple/brown color and am loving the result!  I also tried using the silver shimmering polish as a type of french tip, but my hand wasn’t steady enough.  Perhaps with a set of those templates that create a clean edge….

Thanks Carly!  This has been fun!


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