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Gwynnie Bee Item 2 and Browns

Today’s outfit features the 2nd item from my Gwynnie Bee order, The Igigi Sakura Cardigan in Multi.  It’s soft, cozy and I love the colors.  It comes with a belt which, after playing with, didn’t get worn; apparently my figure is a little too apple and not hourglass enough to make it work.  It just made my butt look REALLY big.

  • Igigi Sakura Cardigan in Multi; via Gwynnie Bee
  • Rust tank, Marshalls
  • Brown Knit Jeans, Coldwater Creek (which I appear to need a size smaller…)
  • Olive and Camo Sperry Top-siders, previously worn here
  • Gold bracelet, gift
  • Necklace, can’t recall where I got it
  • Glasses: (prescription eyeglasses at a killer enough price that I got a pair of sunglasses the last time I ordered!)

I am seriously considering ordering this and want your opinion;

  • Great enough looking to own?
  • Just OK?
  • Too specific (ie hard to style with other things)?
  • Nice but I should save my money for another purse?  Or something else I suppose…

Of course speaking of other purses, one of my issues this morning was that I didn’t appear to HAVE a purse that matched or coordinated.  The new one I posted about yesterday is bright green (and also not here yet), and I had been thinking about the need for a nice dark brown purse.  I found this and ordered it:

This is the Fossil Vintage Revival Flap in Giraffe, and I am head over heels in love with this bag!  It’s a great size, gorgeous design, has some swagger to it without being colorful and was, by the time I was done, 36% off.  It is neutral enough to go with anything in the browns, but still fun, which is exactly what I wanted to find!

I may need to do something about my growing purse fetish soon…. Wait until you see the funky one I picked up on ebay today.

pleated poppy