Inspiration Monday for Thanksgiving Week

It’s hard NOT to love a short week at work.  Not only is it, well, a short week, but it ALSO means no one cares what I wear to the office.  Thus my ability to participate in this weeks Inspiration Monday.  This weeks Inspiration was this picture:

Now, I admit that I don’t have a lot in the way of that kind of neutral; they just aren’t great colors on me.  And I realized when I went looking that, uhm, I didn’t have a SINGLE stripped shirt.  (I ordered one on clearance about a week ago from J.Jill but it isn’t here yet.)  So my interpretation is a bit loose.  However it’s VERY me; my colors, my style, and totally comfortable.

The boots were a fun find yesterday at Avenue; marked down and then 40% off that, so they came out to $36.  Plus the styling on them is fun and a little butch.  Instead of trying to hide the inside zipper, they matched it with an OUTSIDE zipper and some neat straps.  Fun!  They aren’t even a little leather, but since I only can wear boots for about 3 months out of the year this was about all I felt comfortable spending on a new pair this season.

I bought myself an early christmas present today, though.  As you may have noticed, I love bags, but I’m a bit of a cheapskate.  I’m not about to pay multiple hundreds of dollars, let alone THOUSANDS of dollars, for something that is going to get tossed around, sit on the floor, and otherwise beaten up.  However I’ve had two things I’ve been thinking I wanted to get lately:

  • A purse that was predominantly black and white; check, houndstooth, zebra, something…
  • A green purse
So I was unbelievably excited today to find this purse, on sale at Kate Spade for 60% off it’s original price.  Combined with a 15% off coupon for joining the mailing list, this clocked in at $108 including tax for a $295 bag.  I am VERY happy with that deal.  It should be here next week!


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  1. Renae says:

    Rebecca! hi! nice interpretation; boots (check), jeans (check), sweater (check), stripes (check) and necklace (and check). AMAZING? (also check) see? you did a great job. 😀

  2. Pamela Lutrell says:

    You look great…those boots are perfect and you nailed the inspiration look!

  3. I need to start doing this. This is a really pointed lesson in taking a look and making it your own, completely. Frankly, your options look more polished and personal than your inspiration, darling though she looks. Thanks and enjoy your holiday! (Oh yes, and ENJOY that bag. It deserves a happy home with you!)

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