Random thoughts

I’m almost over animal prints; they are EVERYWHERE.  I saw a little old lady at Burlington Coat Factory in a wheelchair today, wearing an animal print top and a grey cardigan.  To me, that means the trend is gone too far.  I know I’m getting a little tired of it…

What is with grown-up women in sweaters with twee animals on them?  I’m not talking the dreaded holiday sweater.

It’s amazing the things you notice when you start taking pictures of yourself every day.  For example, for whatever reason the outer half of my eyebrows appears to be getting sparse and light.  The result is that it starts looking like I have half eyebrows.  Time to do something about that…

When I had no spending money I had a PILE of things I wanted to buy.  Now that I have some money in my spending money account, I can’t find anything I want to buy.  Or at least I can’t seem to make a DECISION to buy anything.  I spent hours shopping today and nothing seemed quite good enough.

A final thought:

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