Gwynnie Bee Item 1: Anna Scholz Oversized Tee

I decided to give Gwynnie Bee a try in part because of this tee.  (If you haven’t heard, Gwynnie Bee is a size 10 and up “netflix” for clothing; You pay a flat monthly fee and can have up to a certain number of garments out per month that you can try, wear, whatever.  When you are done, you send them back.  They take care of cleaning, etc.  Use the link above and you can get a 30 day free trial.)

I saw this tee last spring and LOVED the pattern.  I also am a sucker for oversized, even though I know in my head that it isn’t my best look.  Still, I wanted to try this, so I joined.

I still love the pattern and colors, but I’m sure you can see what I mean by “not my best look”.  This tee is soft, comfortable and easy to wear, but also large and relatively shapeless.  For work I added a cardigan that has some built in shaping.  Remarkable how big a difference that made.

It’s kind of fun to try on clothing with no commitment, so I will probably stick with Gwynnie Bee for a few months at least.  I have a lot of items in my virtual close that I want to try out, some of which are styles I don’t normally go for.  To me, that’s kind of the point.

I finally figured out what I don’t like about my hair; it needs layers around my face to soften the whole thing and some softening layers at the bottom.  I’m trying to get in to see a hair stylst to fix that.

In the meantime, you tell me:  Better with or without the cardigan?  What do you think of the oversize look?



  1. Double Threes says:

    I think that tunic is beyond “oversized,” I think it’s simply too big for you. You might try it in a smaller size. OTOH, it looks office appropriate and comfy as all get out, and sometimes (OK most times, for me) comfy (and appropriate) wins out over “figure flattery.”


    • Rebecca says:

      That’s possible. I LOVE the fabric though; the pattern is gorgeous and the fabric is so soft. If it weren’t 40gpb+28 for delivery (68 pounds, which equates to $108 us dollars) I would grab it in a smaller size. But that is just way too much money.

  2. It is a lovely tee, but so expensive! Did you know Anna Scholz does a range for Simply Be? I’m pretty sure they deliver to the States. It’s a capsule range, but the prices are usually a little more palatable. Would the tunic have worked better with a belt? The cardi is great but hid the lovely pattern.

    • Rebecca says:

      I didn’t try a belt, but thats a good idea. They just aren’t something I think of. I am hyper-aware of my spare tire and always feel as though belts put it on display….

      I have seen the line she does for Simply Be and their shipping is MUCH more reasonable. Unfortunately I haven’t liked anything from that line nearly as much as I love this tee.

      The big question is, if I were to suck it up and order the tee in the size available (UK20, which is a US16 or 3 sizes smaller than the one pictured here) would it fit or be just too small….

      • I only recently started wearing belts myself. My natural waist is just under my boobs, so that’s where I wear a belt. It did make me feel silly at first, but it does make me look slimmer.

        It’s a dilemma, and a shame they don’t have every size available.