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Fall Fashion Challenge Wrap-Up

That was a great deal of fun!  I got to try a couple of new colors, and exercise a number of color combinations.  So here are the outfits.  Which worked the best?  Why is it that the clothing looks BETTER outside but my face looks worse?

OOTD: Fall Fashion Challenge: Grey


For all the black that I wear you would THINK that grey would be an easy one for me.  But I don’t wear a lot of grey; I prefer the stronger blacks and whites.  I had also originally intended to match this with a color, but after the first 4 outfits didn’t work when I put them on I decided to quit while I was behind and actually get to work at a reasonable time.  Thus the all grey outfit.  It’s a cloudy, dreary day, though, so that isn’t such a bad thing.

This is definitely a day when I was pulling things out of the closet over and over and getting nowhere. For example, I have lighter grey jeans that I wanted to wear but they appear to still be in the wash.  And I have some colors I wanted to wear with grey (wine and purple specifically) but the outfits just weren’t going together.  So while I don’t feel like this is my best outfit of the week, it is certainly the winner of the “digging things out of the back of the closet” award.

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