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Thursday Threads: A New Blog Hop

I realized this morning that there just weren’t any fashion blog hops on thursday that weren’t focused on thrifting, so I decided to start one!  Welcome to:

Interested in co-hosting? Contact me at rebecca [at] grownupplus [dot] com!

The guidelines are simple:

  • Please follow your HOST(S)!  Email, RSS, Pinterest, BlogLovin, or whatever.
  • Link up your blog post about a gorgeous outfit, not your homepage.
  • Leave your blog name in the title.
  • Link back with a button or text in your post 🙂
  • Visit a few other blogs and leave a few comments.

OOTD: Fall Fashion Challenge: Mustard


This was by FAR the hardest color for me, since there was absolutely NOTHING mustard in my wardrobe.  Admittedly there were a couple of tank’s with touches of it, but not enough to count.  I decided that a pair of mustard cords would make a lovely addition to my wardrobe.

  • Mustard Cords: Lane Bryant (no longer available online in mustard) 24
  • Orange Print Tank: Lane Bryant (also no longer available online in this pattern) 26/28 so that it would fit loose around the hips
  • Brown Cardigan: Cato (no ecommerce) 3X
  • Camel Mary Janes: Josef Siebel Marissa in Camel, found at TJ Maxx
  • Orange Bracelets: Lane Bryant
  • Brown Necklace: a roadside vendor in Sedona, AZ
  • Sunglasses: Fossil

I really needed some lip color.  And to smile.  More detail on the tank is in the image below.

You can also see that I was in my driveway trying to take pictures outside.  I figured out how to make my Canon Powershot A3100 take a delayed image and found a dorky miniature tripod for it.  I set that up on my car (not level, as you can see) and took pictures.  It’s a start.  I’ll keep trying to figure out a better spot outdoors and that should result in somewhat better pictures going forward.

Yup – I definitely needed lip color and to smile.  I look kind of (ok, REALLY) grumpy.  Not a great hair day either….

Random question of the day:  Who are all these people who go on all the flash sale sites (Belle and Clive, Ruelala, MyHabitHauteLookGiltIdeeli, etc) and buy thousand dollar purses?  I mean seriously, I sometimes go to browse and see most of the bags are already sold out or in carts.  Who can afford to do that?    I admit to being allergic to retail, but when it costs that much on a flash sale, it’s just not going to happen.  I think it’s safe to say that, unless someone gives it to me, I will never own a Chanel or Hermes bag.  I’m OK with that.


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