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OOTD: Fall Fashion Challenge: Pumpkin


I need a photographer.  Or a decent camera.  Or a photographer with a decent camera.  My office is filled with people with no eye for pictures and there are no decently lit places to take pictures that also contain full length mirrors.  I’m working on it, but it is not going well.

Pumpkin was another color that, for me, was harder to choose among possible outfits than to find anything.  In fact it plays into my outfit tomorrow as well, so I hope you like oranges.

In this case I paired it with PURPLE!  One of my favorite colors!  I had this gorgeous tank from Kohls that contained both colors and decided to use it as an excuse.

  • Pumpkin double-breasted jacket-style cardigan, Talbots (on clearance last year)
  • Purple patterned tank, Kohls (no longer available)
  • Purple Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans (Kohls, although that particular color doesn’t appear to be available any longer.  Similar)
  • Orange bracelets, Lane Bryant
  • Necklace, gift form my husband
  • Shoes: generic black ankle booties that I’ve had for years; so long the brand has worn off the foot bed
  • Purse: Modcloth A Bit of Adventure bag (in the background below; I am definitely getting my money’s worth out of that bag)

The cardigan was originally bought for under $25 in order to wear it to a 2nd interview.  I chickened out, however, and we went out and bought a real jacket.  I had never actually worn the thing because it got hot here before i had the chance.

Can anyone recommend a good camera and stand for taking full-length pictures of yourself?


pleated poppy