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OOTD: New Shoes (again)

I am not as much of a shoe hound as some girls, but probably more than I should be.  These made me smile when I saw them, so I built another outfit around them.  These are Sperry Topsiders that I got at E&J Designer Shoe Outlet in an Olive Nubuck and CAMO design!  CAMO! These make me irrationally happy.  Better yet, they fit well, are comfortable, have some arch support, and have a couple of designs in leopard prints that I will be investigating!

The rest of the outfit is a repeat, I think:

Just for the record, I was into Owl’s before they got all trendy lately.  This one particularly appeals to me for two reasons.  First, he looks cranky about something; I prefer my owls to look angry.  Second, he has burgundy eyes with olive green around them in a navy face; the colors are just perfect for my look and are totally my favorites right now.  Olive and wine/purple are the ones I am loving the most right now and will be packing the most OF for the trip!

Speaking of which, I am traveling tomorrow (wednesday) through friday for a work conference.  I will TRY to take pictures in the hotel mirror and post them, but they will probably be of even WORSE quality than I usually take.  You’ve been warned 🙂


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