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OOTD: Inspiration Monday and Trying New Things

I conned a co-worker into running outside with me to take pictures.  This is going to take some practice for both of us (especially since I am fussy and the camera isn’t that good).

I am headed to a conference on Wednesday (through Friday) so I wanted to wear my new boots around and make sure that I would be able to walk all over Denver in them.  That meant wearing a pair of the “Jeggings” I bought yesterday at Lane Bryant.  I put jeggings in quote both because I hate made up words like that AND because the word implies Jean Leggings to me and there is nothing denim about these.  They are more of a ponte knit; but as far as leggings go, they are a nice heavy fabric that smooths out some of the cottage cheese.

I am wearing them with an Eileen Fisher tunic that I got a couple years ago on clearance (although any black tunic would work), the Madden Girl boots I got at Famous Foorwear and a Curvy Q Original leopard-print scarf.  (I also got one of those in polka dot because I love the weight of them; so light and doesn’t add bulk to my chest!)

So far the boots are very comfortable; I put in a pair of insoles and have all the arch support I could ever want or need.  I;m not entirely convinced on the leggings, still (see this post from Saturday) but they certainly are comfortable.

I am also linking up this week with Inspiration Monday.  The inspiration this week was Lauren Conrad wearing boots, leggings, a long sweater and a scarf.  The colors she was wearing aren’t good on me, so I went with my own.  I have higher boots, but I was concerned that you would have seen all of 4 inches of leg at that point and that would have made me look even shorter than normal.  Nonetheless, this outfit is inspired by that kind of easy, comfortable traveling clothing and echos what I will be wearing wednesday when I fly out!

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