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Purchases made or to be made

Tomorrow is payday, when I get my “allowance” (read: the money I can blow on clothing).  Because of some returns I still had a bit of last allowance, so I placed a couple orders today and have my eye on some things for tomorrow.

EvansUSA is having a sale on all their exclusive brands with up to 50% off, so I used it as an opportunity to pick up the Swan by Clement Ribeiro Color Block Clover Cardigan that I’ve had my eye on for some time.  45% off the original price doesn’t suck.  This is my first order from Evans, so it will be interesting to see how that goes.

In another first, I placed my first order today for an item from Forever 21 +.  After seeing the post over at Curves and Chaos, I had to try this Metallic Lace Top in this wonderful copper shade.  As a Junior plus line, I’ve been skeptical about their stuff fitting (I’m a 22/3X usually), but the measurements on the page suggest that this is relatively generously sized.  I’ll give it a try.  *fingers crossed*

Until another blogger mentioned them, I had never heard of Sam Moon; they sell very inexpensive jewelry and are apparently a Texas-only company, but they ship.  I ordered a couple of unique pieces from there; an art deco style necklace and earring set for 9.99 and another deco-ey necklace for 8.99.

Finally I used some money I made selling some of my better quality used clothing and shoes  on ebay to order this Holiday Leopard Cardigan from Talbots.  I am hoping that when it arrives it looks good; in some of the pictures it reads a little pink, but in others (like the one at left) it doesn’t.  I’m hopeful.  If it doesn’t work, it goes back.  That should actually be waiting for me at home already….

I also have my eye on a few pieces.  First, at ModCloth, I have been circling around the Dimention in Detail black pencil skirt.  This would be a new profile for me, so I’m not entirely sold yet (although looking here it would looke LOVELY with the red leopard cardigan *grin*).

There is also a dress on the ModCloth site that caught my eye:  the Raspberry Ice Tea dress.  The reviews are stellar and the price is excellent, so I’m seriously considering it.  It is such a perfect color for me that it’s very hard to resist.

Finally, I am planning to take part in the Colors of the Season Fall Fashion Challenge.  The idea is to build an outfit around a specific fall color that day.

That means I need stuff in Teal, Wine, Mustard, Pumpkin and Grey.  (See the badge?  THOSE colors.  They really did a bang-up job on that…)

I’m good on Pumpkin and Wine, and I have ideas for Teal and Grey from my current wardrobe, but I don’t have a SINGLE item in Mustard.  I love the look of the color but have just never bought anything in it.

So I’m on the hunt now for a mustard item that I can order.  One idea was that I’ve seen mustard jeans/jeggings around this season that would certainly work.  A pair tucked into brown boots with some nice warm tones on top might work.  I’m a little scared of a cardi in that color, since yellows don’t tend to look good near my face, but I haven’t ruled it out yet.  And if in the process I find anything wonderful in the other colors, well….  I do so love shopping!