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Sunday working the booth

Sunday working the booth



At the request of an artist friend, I spent Sunday helping at her booth at a local women’s expo.  By the time I got home I was exhausted and my feet were killing me, so you get a Polyvore of what I wore rather than a picture.

Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt Snakeskin Straight Leg Jeans from Kohls, $36.99  I am currently hoping these shrink a little, since the 22 was a bit too small but the 24s i bought were just a smidge too loose.

Top: Lace Batwing Top, $45.00 This served as a nice neutral so that my friends Necklace stood out against the shirt.

Shoes: Earthies Veria Too Bright Red Suade Sandals $149.00 – Super support, but there is no way your feet don’t hurt after all that standing on concrete.

Bag: Colorblock Tote, $32


OOTF: Boot Weather in AZ!!!

Have I mentioned that I love boots?  Maybe once or twice?  Well, today I am HAPPY, not just because it’s friday but also because (with a projected high of < 80) IT’S BOOT WEATHER IN ARIZONA! So I changed my outfit at the last minute so that I could wear my glorious new boots!

(Yes, I’m smirking, because when I looked at the image on my screen of what the picture would look like, I thought I looked like a pirate.  Then the camera went off.)

The outfit itself is comfortable, good for a friday, and the jeans are a little loose (so maybe all that cycling is starting to pay off!)

The boots are something I’ve wanted for, quite literally, more than a year.  They initially showed up last year for the fall collection at a price off $249.00.  At the time I wasn’t so concerned about my plantar’s fasciitis, so the cost wasn’t worth it.  However about a month ago I found them for $169 at Planet Shoes and jumped all over them.  HAD to have them.  Between being good for my feet AND incredibly cute, I was sold.  Lace up front, moderate heel, properly formed footbed with tons of arch support, and buttery leather made them worth every penny.  Interestingly, the zipper goes up the BACK of the boot, but so far that hasn’t caused any problems.  This is my first pair with that placement, however, so we’ll see.

The bag from Modcloth was ordered late last week and is terrific.  The quality seems good so far, the combination of “neutrals” means it goes with EVERYTHING, and the structured style is spot on.  If I have any single complaint, it is that there are TWO magnet closures instead of one.  Most bags have a single centered closure; this one has one under each of the “straps”.  This can make it difficult to know that the bag is securely closed.  However since the sides are rigid, this isn’t a bag you can easily overstuff so that the magnets hit wrong.  I classify that as more of an irritant than a real problem.

Favorite Frock Friday

OOTD: 10/7/12 – I can’t believe I don’t own a Grey Tank

Cool, rainy day and lunch with the in-laws. I pulled together a navy, camel, grey and white cardi from Carole Little in 3X that I found this summer at TJMaxx, and a grey tank from Walmart. Added a pair of dark wash straight leg jeans from Cato ($24).

Having a large collection of tanks/tees in every color is an important part of my dressing strategy. If I see a color I might wear, I always grab it; tanks last a long time and colors/shades go in and out. I was actually shocked that I didn’t have a grey tank anywhere; I had to borrow one from my sister.   In this case I picked up the cardi because it goes extremely well with a faux suede skirt I have in camel and I knew the cardi would extend the skirt’s wearing season. I never considered what I would wear UNDER it.

I also have a large collection of nice lace trimmed tanks you find everywhere, like Lane Bryant.   They are perfect for travel, they take up little space in luggage and can double as a flirty lingerie top with cute undies if the need arises.

Just researching for this posting, I already “need” the dark purple python tank $25. LB tanks tend to go on sale often, so I always troll the store to pick up colors I don’t have when they are around $10. (R: “Need” might be a BIT strong when it comes to purple python 🙂 )

The shoes, believe it or not came from Payless at least 10 years ago. They are comfy, supportive, and a faux chocolate croc that is perfect for a casual rainy day.

OOTD: Texas BBQ 10/6/12

Heading to a “Welcome to Texas” BBQ. Time to break out one of my favorites, a navy Reba poncho top (Dillards, $88) with some rhinestone fleur-de-lis bling on the front and sides.

I really like some of the pieces in Reba collection from Dillards.    While the navy poncho appears to be sold out online, she does have it also in reddish orange…  This top would be a contender except I’m so over the sublimation trend. (Note from Rebecca:  Me too.  In fact, I never really liked it in the first place.  It needs to go now.)

I wore a black smoothing tank from Catherines. (Serenada Shaping Camisole, size 44)  I have a couple of these in both black and nude… the base of the cami has a grippy surface that keeps it tucked in there.

I paired the top with medium wash bootcut jeans I got for Christmas and black cowboy boots (Ariat, Dixie, $179)

I added some fleur-de-lis earrings from Sam Moon, and a diamond and sapphire ring from a local jeweler.


pleated poppy

Tuesday in Purple

Today’s outfit has two things I am loving right now.  The first is the purple purse you see over my shoulder.  It’s a Kate Spade, brand new, that I got for less than half it’s current price of $316 (a great price, but still pretty expensive for me).  It’s a gorgeous purple leather and is a terrific size for ensuring that I don’t carry too much crap around with me, but can still carry what I need.  My current plan is to carry it EVERYWHERE for a while!

The second is this shirt.  You can probably see it better in the 2nd shot (head on).  This top is a varient on the Abby Twist Front Top in size 3.  The print is no longer available (although when I went to get the link I saw the black polka-dot print and am REALLY tempted).

This shirt is a favorite because the shape is so wonderful.  It can be worn to work with a tank or something under it (more on that later) or out on a date with a sexy deep-v bra. The fabric is soft, stretch, and comfortable.  The shirt itself is incredibly flattering: it has a nice “belt” just under the bust and a flowy section below it over the tummy.  The result is great curves while hiding the parts that I personally am not happy about.

I wore this top with a pair of my black Coldwater Creek Ponte Knit jeans (ubiquitous, I know, but when you find a pair of basic work trousers that look great it’s worthwhile to buy several pairs).  They remain comfortable, easy to wear, good looking, and one less thing to worry about.

One of the other really cool things in this outfit is the “tank” under the top.  It’s cool because it isn’t a full tank: It stops just under the bust.  This piece is made by an Etsy seller, GettisAccessories.  She makes several different styles of tops to go UNDER other tops – specifically a tank style with a square-ish neck called a t-let, spagetti strap, and a crop top that has cap sleeves.  In each case, there is elastic that stops under the bust to hold the half shirt down, allowing you to have some additional coverage without the weight through the middle.  The size chart follows your bra size and goes up to an XXL (which goes up to a 44DDD on her chart).  Getti has been incredibly good about communicating; While she doesn’t always have items showing on etsy, she can make any size and is willing to do custom work for an extra $2, so just drop her a message.

The final touch was another necklace done by my artist friend, Susan.  She does gorgeous wire-wrapped jewelry using real stones or ceramic pieces.

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