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OOTD – Steampunk Wedding

I was invited to a wedding this past weekend that was in a Steampunk style.  Now, full disclosure:  I was an SCA geek for 20+ years and have no problem getting dressed up in historically accurate garb and going out in public.  Steampunk, however, is new to me.  So in my own defense, this outfit is thrown together from a thrift store top, a skirt and belt I owned, my beloved boots and a hat I bought on ebay.

If I end up doing more streampunk I intend to get a set of red crinoline for under the skirt and a waist cincher that will cover the whole middle area.

I’m not entirely wild about how my face looks in this picture; it was hot, bright, and the wedding party was indulging in nearly 2 hours of picture taking.  (Pet peeve: take most of the pictures BEFORE the ceremony so your guests aren’t sitting around bored and waiting for you!)  Plus my lip stuff had worn off.

The coolest thing, however, is that the shirt is really cute on it’s own.  I may need to do more thrifting.

Boots: Earthies Ramini

Shirt:  Goodwill, Faded Glory brand

Skirt: Can’t remember who makes it.

Hat: Ebay

Belt: Lane Bryant

Necklace: Susan Holt Designs, her new Steampunk line


OOTD: It Pops!

I was walking to my desk when one of my less fashion-conscious co-workers complimented me on this outfit. She loved the scarf, telling me that “It Pops!”  I was pleased!

Especially because this is the first time I’ve worn a scarf when there wasn’t snow on the ground.  I have used scarfs when it was really cold, but this one is purely decorative.  I’ve shied away because I worry about adding more bulk on my chest, but I think hanging open like this it manages not to do that.

It’s a little difficult to tell in the pictures (blame my imac’s camera fluorescent lights and the institutional beige background), but the top is purple.  It is from Kiyonna (size 3) and is identical to the purple print in this post as far as it’s shape.

I am wearing it over a fuscia tank from Avenue (18/20) and with my standard black Coldwater Creek Ponte Knit Trousers (22).  Looking really closely at the scarf suggests that navy pants would work as well, since it seems as though the dark suggestions are a little closer to navy than to black.

Shoes ended up being plain black Merrill slingbacks, but I may need to find something in either the purple or fuscia colors.

The scarf came from TJ Maxx; the colors called me from across the store.  Well, OK, from the purse section, where I had just decided to try this clutch trend and purchased the one you see in this picture.  It is a Cynthia Rowley envelope clutch in Fuscia with Orange edging.  I can’t even tell you how excited I was when I put the two together.  That was actually the deciding factor on BOTH.

The clutch comes with a chain as well, making it a bit more practical, but frankly it is likely to be a special-occasion bag primarily.  It just isn’t big enough in some directions to be a good every-day purse.  Wallet, phone, reading glasses (*sigh*), sun glasses and keys pretty much fill it up and make it bulge in odd ways depending on how each of those is shaped.  For that reason, this may be the only oversized clutch in my collection.  Having said that, if you love it you can pick it up more cheaply than I paid for it on ebay.

I have to admit that this outfit makes me happy.  I tend to fall back on black because it’s easy, but I really do love these types of bright, bold colors.  They make me happy.  I need to focus on color more than I have been.

One last thought:  I am going for a haircut tomorrow.  If you have ideas, I would love to hear about it!



pleated poppy

OOTD: Bright, casual and funky

Today’s outfit wasn’t complicated, but it was fun, funky and happy.

Jeans: Coldwater Creek Knit Jeans in their Dark Rinse (remarkable how many of my pants I get from there)

Top: rBrowning Cotton Top purchased at Diva in Scottsdale, AZ.  The line appears to be quite small, but this top is fun; hopefully you can see all the gemetric details.  There are sewn-on strips, circles, and such on the front of the top, and then the one shoulder cut-out.  The fabric is a nice heavy-weight knit that is INCREDIBLY soft.  I will look for this brand again in the future.

Bracelet: Red Leather Wrap with gold studs (similar)

No Necklace, because every one I tried seemed to compete with the top.  It just wasn’t necessary.

Earthies Veria Too (Women's) - Bright Red Kid SuedeFor shoes, I went with my
Earthies Veria in Bright Red Kid Suede
; They have redesigned that shoe into a wedge that is available now for $99.95.  Mine have a slightly different heel.

For a purse I pulled out my new-to-me Vintage Coach Citi Bag, also in Red.  I picked it up from a consignment shop for $40.  Currently the same bag is for sale new for $278 and is no longer available in red, or on ebay for over $100 used, so this was a great deal!

OOTD – Feeling like fall

Today I woke up chilly; the heater isn’t on in the house yet (because it was over 90 all last week and we still needed the AC), but it got cold last night. My darling husband has been leaving the windows open to let in some air, so I was extra chilly when the alarm went off.  I took the opportunity to wear one of my favorite fall sweaters.

The sweater is from a couple of seasons ago at Coldwater Creek (similar).  It is a beautiful tweedy fabric in shades of brown, orange and some touches of red.  I particularly love the color change at the waist/empire-ish line.  That plus the single button add definition and curves. (Although looking at the picture I have the urge to change that button out for something more interesting….)

I’m wearing it over a pair of Coldwater Creek knit jeans in bitter chocolate (a dark brown) and a J.Jill brown tank (only available in white now).

The necklace was found at Forever 21, where I almost never go.  I need to pay more attention to their accessories.

Pikolinos - Gomera 859-8377 (Olmo) - FootwearBecause it’s still Arizona, I finished the outfit off with my Pikolino Gomera‘s (because, you know, everyone wears sandals with a cardigan).  Ah well, still comfortable, and actually I don’t have a lot of closed-toed shoes in brown.  Something to address.

I actually stumbled when it came to purses today.  I went for the Modcloth bag with the animal skin at first, but for whatever reason I didn’t think the colors were right.  I might need to find a really warm brown somewhere that would match this better; a darker brown rather than camel.  Time to hit up ebay again for cheap pre-owned coach purses, perhaps….

Haircut scheduled for wednesday – I’m open to suggestions!!!

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OOTD: A different shade of purple

Today I wore one of my all-time favorite sweaters.  I’m not convinced it’s the best look for me; the colors are muted and the pattern is a pretty explicit floral, something I almost never wear.  But purple is my favorite color, and purple with olive is one of my favorite combinations.  So I wear it anyway.

Cardigan: J.Jill (old: similar)

Tank: J.Jill (they have a TON of colors – I’m not sure precisely what shade this one is)

Jeans: Coldwater Creek Knit Jeans, bootcut, in their Dark Rinse which reads similarly to trouser jeans in person, size 20.

Bag: Kate Spade New Bond Street Sawyer in African Violet

Shoes: Fly LONDON Ylva Khaki Wedge sandals

Fly LONDON sandals

I’ve been told (ok, by my husband who has excellent but old-school preppie taste) that these shoes are a bit silly. Whatever. They are like peep-toe wedge platform sneakers; comfortable, fun and unlike anything you usually see. If that means they are also a little whimsical, so be it.

I found them online in a couple of places, although for full retail of $168-$175.  The first has them in sizes 38 and 39, the second in size 40.