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OOTD: Why do all my purple shirts look blue?

One of my challenges in writing a style blog is that I don’t have a spouse or friend who can take my pictures.  So I end up using my computer’s camera, in my office.  For some reason this is making all my gorgeous purple shirts look blue.

Case in point:  This is a PURPLE top from SWAK, specifically the Joni top.  It is easy, comfortable and a beautiful color.  Which you can’t TELL because it looks blue due to this camera, fluorescent lighting and background.

I’m wearing it with items you’ve seen before; black tank, black jean-style ponte knit pants, a layered diamond necklace and a bracelet both in brass and black.

Oh, and because it was cold this morning, my Earthies Ramini Boots!!!

One other thing: here’s a closeup so that you can see that I got my hair cut and I wimped out.  Basically I have the same cut, just shorter and with fewer distinct layers.  No bangs.  It’s still long enough to put into a ponytail,  but not as annoying as it was a couple days ago…some of it is even turning under!