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OOTD: Bright Cardigan Remix

I love this Talbots sweater; the cut is conservative, but the colors are bright and therefore memorable.  Because of that I try not to wear it every single week :-).

Today I decided to wear it over a tiered beaded tank that I got on clearance from Lane Bryant.  Had you asked me 6 months ago I would have told you that I NEVER would have worn something with all these beads around the neckline UNDER another item (unless that item was an overcoat), but I’m thinking differently these days and I think this works well.  In addition, the tiers create some texture to go with all the color.

While this color-wise isn’t THAT different from the way I wore this cardigan last time, I am more comfortable today because of the tiers; they hid a multitude of sins and make the look a little sleeker.

I also traded in my purple purse for the clutch I was carrying earlier this week, today with the chain strap on it.  I think this purse works with this cardi just fine, but with the tank it gets to be a bit much.  Next time, a more neutral card would go a long way toward showing off both pieces better.

Pants are my standard black Coldwater Creek Ponte Knit Trousers.  I’ve definitely been in a pants mood lately, and since most of my comfortable non-jean work pants are black, they’ve been seeing a lot of wear.  I probably need to do something about that, but until I get a real photographer who can get full length shots it hardly matters.


I want to rant for a moment about the fat tax; specifically the fact that MOST plus-sized clothing is only available online.  We therefore pay extra for the clothing (“more fabric” dontchaknow) PLUS shipping in at least one direction.  I have 4 things on order right now, and I am betting that at least 2-3 of them will go back as not fitting well, not flattering, or not matching well with the things I had hoped to wear them with.  In nearly all cases, you pay for that in both directions.

Now, there are some stores (J.JILL AND OLD NAVY SPECIFICALLY) that CARRY plus sizes, just not in their stores.  There are others (COLDWATER CREEK SPECIFICALLY) that don’t carry their full size range in stores; Coldwater recently stopped carrying 3X in the stores and lost a TON of my impulse shopping money for their trouble.  Oh, and OLD NAVY: How about letting us return plus-sized items in stores instead of having to pay to send things back!  This is why you don’t get my money anymore.

Finally, how about (if you have one) putting your plus line in ALL YOUR STORES!  (I’m talking to H&M, FOREVER 21 and MACY’S here.)  The nearest H&M store with the plus line to THE 6TH LARGEST METRO AREA IN THE COUNTRY (Phoenix) is in LOS ANGELES, an 8 hour drive away.  Forever 21 at least has one store in the valley with the plus line, but it is way off in one corner of the city massively far from where I live.  For that reason I own nothing from the line; I’ve never made it out there to see if it would fit.

I realize that floor space in a retail outlet is expensive, but here’s an idea; have a sampling at least that we can try on, even if we can’t buy those items right there.  Pants and jackets SPECIFICALLY are an issue, since you never know what sizing will be like.



Favorite Frock Friday

OOTD – Steampunk Wedding

I was invited to a wedding this past weekend that was in a Steampunk style.  Now, full disclosure:  I was an SCA geek for 20+ years and have no problem getting dressed up in historically accurate garb and going out in public.  Steampunk, however, is new to me.  So in my own defense, this outfit is thrown together from a thrift store top, a skirt and belt I owned, my beloved boots and a hat I bought on ebay.

If I end up doing more streampunk I intend to get a set of red crinoline for under the skirt and a waist cincher that will cover the whole middle area.

I’m not entirely wild about how my face looks in this picture; it was hot, bright, and the wedding party was indulging in nearly 2 hours of picture taking.  (Pet peeve: take most of the pictures BEFORE the ceremony so your guests aren’t sitting around bored and waiting for you!)  Plus my lip stuff had worn off.

The coolest thing, however, is that the shirt is really cute on it’s own.  I may need to do more thrifting.

Boots: Earthies Ramini

Shirt:  Goodwill, Faded Glory brand

Skirt: Can’t remember who makes it.

Hat: Ebay

Belt: Lane Bryant

Necklace: Susan Holt Designs, her new Steampunk line