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Shopping: Boots and Bags

I really left the house thinking, “I’d like to have a pair of riding boots”.   They are one of those trends that reappear every few years. I decided to hit up DSW and Dillards and get a feel for the options.    Since I used to actually ride English, I know that riding boots do not have much of heel, so that eliminates a slew of the selections I ran across.  I have not bought any yet, but here are a couple of contenders.

The likely winner at an excellent price point is Me Too, Dee, Wide Calf Riding Boot, $99.

These boots were everything I was looking for, comfy, classic and nice looking with leather uppers and rubber non-skid soles.  They have a wide calf option as well. I was able to wear “Normal Calf” but depending on what I’m tucking in, the Wide Calf probably is more versatile.  I view this as a boot I might have for a few years so there is a pretty good chance I’ll buy them.

(Rebecca: This is one of the build differences between us.  I have NEVER found a normal calf boot I can wear, and always need wide or extra-wide.  Which means I almost never get to buy boots in person and try them on; I am always ordering from Zappos or other stores.)

I wanted to see more options so I headed off to Dillards.

After looking at dozens of boots, the Steve Madden, Judgement, $189 (Dillards, Zappos) caught my eye.   What I love about them is they remind me of “dressy paddock boots” with a great two-tone leather style with a fleur-de-lis detailing in black and brown.

Alas, I had to rule them out as there is no zipper, so unless you are a very tall supermodel, no way you can get these on and they seem made for someone with a longer calf than I.  Bummer, I really loved the look.

I should really stop going to Dillards’ handbag department.   I think, “I’ll just run through really quick” and then it happens, the sharp intake of breath, the total loss of reason, when I spot a new bag.     This time it was the Brahmin Nadine Dowel Bag in Grey.

I have a grey bag that’s simply too big for every day use, and since I wear a lot of grey and amazingly I actually pair grey and brown together with some regularity, I bought it.   This bag is a Dillards’ exclusive, and was $345.

Stopping there would have been the smart play.  But a bag I have been circling for a while was in stock, the Brahmin Vivian Colorblock tote in Moss. $295, not available online but look in stores.   So it came home with me.

The thing is these are beautifully made bags.    I don’t spend a lot on individual items of clothing, choosing to instead buy great accessories.     Accessories inspire me to be more creative in putting together outfits.   I often select the accessory first and then find something to wear with it.

So no boots yet, and two handbags, but I’m happy with my selections.   I’ll be ordering the boots from DSW next week and feature them on a future post.