Articles you shouldn’t miss

In the last day or so I’ve come across 2 articles that I think every woman needs to read:

Allison at Wardrobe Oxygen reminds us all to “Lighten Up… It’s Only Clothes” and I think that is a really important point.  If you wear a color that isn’t optimal for you, no one will be injured.  If you wear a mini-skirt after 40, the space station won’t crash back to earth.  Clothing is supposed to be fun, and that means sometimes we try things that DON’T work out the way we had hoped.  So what?  Relax.  If you are happy, then the outfit is fine.

Angie at You Look Fab talks about the styles seen at Spring 2013 Fashion Week.  While I don’t tend to follow those things TOO closely, it’s useful to keep up on what is coming at the high end so that you know how much wear you are likely to get out of new pieces.  For example, she notes that color blocking is still all the rage, which means a new color-blocked piece will see lots of wear without looking dated.  The same goes for leather, sheers and structured handbags or clutches.  All are likely to be wearable without looking dated for at least another year, so go ahead and invest in a more expensive piece that you love.  At the same time, maxi-length skirts are becoming less popular, so now is NOT the time to buy an expensive piece.  You can still wear what you have, but the focus should be on other hemlines OR on hemming the pieces you love.

I realize that to some extent these two articles contradict each other – lighten up but don’t look dated are slightly conflicting messages.  But if you truly love a dated piece, you can work it into a current outfit by surrounding it with items that are more up-to-date.  However if your outfit looks catwalk perfect but you hate it, it won’t look good.  So take each with a grain of salt, but give them both a read!

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