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OOTD Dragging on a Monday

I was dragging this morning, badly.  Yesterday was a LONG day on my feet and a long day of being chipper and sociable with a lot of people.  As an introvert that exhausts me.  My first temptation this morning was to wear all black and hide, but I forced myself to wear something a bit brighter in an effort to wake myself up.

I don’t think this outfit is entirely successful, primarily because I don’t think the shape at the bottom of the cardigan is the right one for me and am not happy with the overall proportions.  It will probably go straight into the “goodwill” bag when I get home.  It came from Marshall’s earlier this summer and is in great shape, so hopefully someone else can put it to good use.

The tank is also older – probably about 5 years old come to think of it.  It also came from Marshall’s and I keep it because this is as close as I get to wearing yellow.

These pieces were worn with my standard Coldwater Creek Ponte Knit pants.  For better or worse, they are very comfortable (almost like yoga pants) while looking good in the office.

I also carried my Modcloth purse and wore my Red Pikolino’s (although most places don’t have them online anymore in the red outside of this one pair I found in a size 42).

The last piece was the gold multilength circle necklace (which, now that I search around, appears to be a knock-off of this very expensive Jennifer Meyer design)

Despite not being entirely happy with this outfit, I’m still linking up to some of the hops.  I’d love any feedback on why this isn’t working.  Is it the shape?  The proportions?  The way the sweater is curved?  I am still pretty new at this, and while the best way to learn is to DO, it helps to have the vocabulary to explain what went wrong….


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Covered in Grace

Sunday working the booth

Sunday working the booth



At the request of an artist friend, I spent Sunday helping at her booth at a local women’s expo.  By the time I got home I was exhausted and my feet were killing me, so you get a Polyvore of what I wore rather than a picture.

Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt Snakeskin Straight Leg Jeans from Kohls, $36.99  I am currently hoping these shrink a little, since the 22 was a bit too small but the 24s i bought were just a smidge too loose.

Top: Lace Batwing Top, $45.00 This served as a nice neutral so that my friends Necklace stood out against the shirt.

Shoes: Earthies Veria Too Bright Red Suade Sandals $149.00 – Super support, but there is no way your feet don’t hurt after all that standing on concrete.

Bag: Colorblock Tote, $32