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OOTF: Boot Weather in AZ!!!

Have I mentioned that I love boots?  Maybe once or twice?  Well, today I am HAPPY, not just because it’s friday but also because (with a projected high of < 80) IT’S BOOT WEATHER IN ARIZONA! So I changed my outfit at the last minute so that I could wear my glorious new boots!

(Yes, I’m smirking, because when I looked at the image on my screen of what the picture would look like, I thought I looked like a pirate.  Then the camera went off.)

The outfit itself is comfortable, good for a friday, and the jeans are a little loose (so maybe all that cycling is starting to pay off!)

The boots are something I’ve wanted for, quite literally, more than a year.  They initially showed up last year for the fall collection at a price off $249.00.  At the time I wasn’t so concerned about my plantar’s fasciitis, so the cost wasn’t worth it.  However about a month ago I found them for $169 at Planet Shoes and jumped all over them.  HAD to have them.  Between being good for my feet AND incredibly cute, I was sold.  Lace up front, moderate heel, properly formed footbed with tons of arch support, and buttery leather made them worth every penny.  Interestingly, the zipper goes up the BACK of the boot, but so far that hasn’t caused any problems.  This is my first pair with that placement, however, so we’ll see.

The bag from Modcloth was ordered late last week and is terrific.  The quality seems good so far, the combination of “neutrals” means it goes with EVERYTHING, and the structured style is spot on.  If I have any single complaint, it is that there are TWO magnet closures instead of one.  Most bags have a single centered closure; this one has one under each of the “straps”.  This can make it difficult to know that the bag is securely closed.  However since the sides are rigid, this isn’t a bag you can easily overstuff so that the magnets hit wrong.  I classify that as more of an irritant than a real problem.

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