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Shopping Lust: Modcloth

Sometimes you accidentally stumble on a new site that makes you go WOW.  Modcloth had that effect on me today.  I saw a bag I liked, clicked through, and found a site that carries really cute retro clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry up through a size 22.

If you are new to the site and place an order for over $50 in October, you will get $20 off your order.  To me that makes trying their stuff a no-brainer.

Shipping is free if you order over $50.  I took my $20 discount and I immediately ordered two items.

A Bit of Adventure Bag.  I’ve been lusting after highly structured bags lately, and this one, with it’s animal print, camel AND black, makes for a terrific neutral that will go with nearly everything.  There are even studs on the hand strap.  At $64.99, this is MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE than many of the ones I’ve been looking at so far.  My hope is that the quality will be appropriate for the pricepoint and this bag will hold up to daily use.

You’re One Hepcat Top
You're One Hepcat Top.  Combining animal and peplum, this one may or may not be great for more than a year, but for that year it will be terrific.  That neckline is going to look amazing on me, and paired with black trousers this will look chic and attractive. The fabric is polyester/rayon/spandex, so it should be forgiving.  This one will probably require shapewear, but I think it’s going to be worth it!  $47.99

I also saw some cute steampunk jewelry there.  I have a steampunk wedding to attend later this month and if I choose not to “dress up”, the Cogs of Time necklace would be a great way to respect the theme while not spending a fortune.  I am a little concerned about it poking me though.  And at $51.99, it seems a bit expensive.

Another steampunk item was the One Movement in Time necklace.  It’s quite long but the gears are built in to a backed round section, so they are less likely to poke you.  At $15.99 it’s also far more affordable.

If I had a dress-up holiday party on the calendar, I would be seriously looking at the Black Tie Optimal dress.  The shape is gorgeous, the lace provides a bit of coverage and visual widening of the shoulders, and the skirt is full and wide.  Of course, it’s probably for the best that I don’t have such a party, since this only goes up to a size 18.

I was a little sad to see that many of my favorite itens stopped at an 18 or were out of the 20s and 22s.  Still, that just means I need to watch the site closer.  Time to set up some notifications!