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Review: Old Navy Leopard Print Cardigan (Plus)

Today’s outfit of the day includes the Old Navy Leopard Print Cardigan.  This happens to be a piece that they carry in both straight misses sizes and in plus sizes.  As is often the case, the plus-sized version is quite a bit more expensive ($36.94 vs $24.94).  However as a relatively classic style of cardi, I’ve been seeing it around and wanted to talk about it.

As with many items from old navy, the colors are good and neutral; this particular animal print has more grey than I am used to, but I don;t think that detracts from the look at all.  However the cut and fit of the plus cardigan is drastically different from that of the straight size.

The biggest difference is that the straight size cardigan is cut to hit below the waist and on most women I’ve seen wearing it the actual length is mid-hip.  The plus cardigan, on the other hand, also says it hits below the waist but on me actually hits WELL below the hip.  In fact, if you believe the old catholic school rule about not wearing a skirt that doesn’t reach the tip of your middle finger, this is long enough to be a mini-dress on me.

This appears to be related to the way old navy sizes up and why I don’t buy a lot there.  They seem to size up by making things both bigger AND taller, so that an average height woman (I’m 5’5″) ends up swamped in length on the larger sizes.  They do this in the straight sizes as well; I’ve got things in an XXL that fit me but were obviously made for amazons.  Their plus line seems to do something similar.

I would also note something about this cardigan that is more about the overall fit and appears the same in the straight size version; the cut is wider at the top than at the bottom.  This, for me (more pear shaped) creates a weird effect at the top, where I can either fold it over (as in the image) or let the front top overlap while the bottom won’t close without pulling.

I intend to keep this piece, warts and all, because I consider it a great basic and one that, on sale, was relatively inexpensive.  However I am going to keep looking for a similar piece with a better overall fit and experimenting with ways to style this that will address some of the items above.

Because I was focused on the Cardigan today, I wore it with black jeans and a black not-a-tee.  By “not-a-tee” I mean a top that has some shaping and detailing of its own, but done tone on tone.  This one is made my Elena Solano and was found at Marshall’s.  I am currently trying to replace plain tees with things like this that function as a tee but could also be worn on their own and offer more shaping and texture than plain tees.  Unfortunately this was the best picture I could get, but you’ll notice it has a v-neck with a plaquette that comes down between my breasts and rucheing on either side. This provides shape and interest without being distracting.  Frankly I love this top and would love to get a dozen in different colors, since it manages to be flattering and comfortable all at the same time.

Final touch was a gold necklace that I got at a local boutique.