A Colorful Thursday


The sweater I ordered from Talbots a couple of weeks ago showed up, and despite an expected temperature of 98 today I had to wear it.  I LOVE it.  Looking up close, there are so many terrific colors in it that I will be able to wear it in fresh new ways for years to come.  And since it’s cashmere, it’s also crazy soft….

I wore it with a thrifted hot pink tank.  I had gotten the tank to go with a skirt I had and found, when I got it home, that it wasn’t the right shade.  However at $2, it seemed enough of a basic to keep around.  I am so glad I did.

The pants are the same black ponte knit jean-style trousers from Coldwater Creek that I wear all the time (have I mentioned that, in addition to looking good, they are as comfy as yoga pants?) Looking at the sweater however, I can already tell I will wear it this winter with dark brown jeans as well and maybe my bright red pants.  I also have at least 2 skirts in solid shades of burnt orange and burgundy that are in here, so finding things to wear with this is not going to be an issue.

For shoes and accessories, I decided to pull the orange.  I went with a set of orange bangles on my wrist as my only jewelry.  (I felt as though a necklace might be a bit busy.)  For shoes, I also went with Orange in the form of these BOC (Born Open Concept) Orange Flower Sandals.  These are available on ebay.

Because of the classic line of this sweater and the brilliant color scheme, I chose to keep my bag tame today and pulled out an antique Coach Willis.  The image (right) is of the one on their site, which has silver hardware, and they have it listed for $298.  Mine, however, is considerably older.  The hardware is brass and I got it on ebay for $16.37 plus shipping.  It’s not quite as shiny and shows it’s age in the leather, but the seams are all solid, that hardware is in great shape, and the bag itself has a classic air that makes the wear not matter.

So, now I need more colors and styles of tanks to wear under the cardigan.  I’m not entirely happy with the fit of the one I’m wearing today (it’s a bit snug around my tummy, which makes me self-conscious) so I may have to go out and do some looking.

Expect to see a lot of this cardi this fall/winter!

Favorite Frock Friday


  1. Although it was 98 degrees, I would have worn that great cardi too! The colors are gorgeous

  2. Very nice color on you!

  3. Callie says:

    Oh, that cardigan is beautiful. I love the colors and bold pattern. It’s definitely going to be a fun piece to remix during the autumn/winter months. Thanks for linking up for Thrifter Thursday!