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What I wore Wednesday: 10/3/12

Today’s dress didn’t photograph well.  It’s almost impossible in the picture to tell that this dress is colorblocked in blue, black and purple.  For that reason I included the picture to the right as well – that is the dress from the Avenue website.

I’ve actually been chilly in the office lately, so I wore this with a short-sleeved black cardigan from Kohls.

Over that I threw on a bright gold geometric necklace.  I don’t recall where I got this one, but nearly any bold necklace will work.

Shoes today needed to be somewhat practical, although I keep a pair of less practical shoes at work for when I want to dress up.  It’s about a half mile walk to my office from where I leave the bike during the day, so it’s important that I wear shoes that won’t aggravate my feet for that walk.

There are a lot of reasons for this outfit, not the least of which is that I rode my bike to work today.  I live 9 miles away, and for me on the road bike that isn’t particularly hard work.  (I may be fat, but I can be healthy too.)  Therefore my outfit needed to be wrinkle-proof, lightweight and easy to pack.  This outfit meets all those criteria admirably.  Heck, you could roll the dress into a ball and it would come out looking great.

The bike shop is supposed to be installing a rack and panniers on my road bike today so that I can carry cooler-weather outfits.  When the temperature drops I will need to carry things like boots and heavy sweaters, and the messenger bag I have right now won’t do that.
Riding in also should explain why my hair isn’t looking quite right.  I need to bring in a blow-dryer for my locker, but just haven’t had the extra space to carry one.  Assuming the panniers are installed today, I will be doing that friday and get back to having my hair look acceptable on days that I ride.  Then I can start considering whether I want/need a haircut or change of style.  I am currently head over heels in LOVE with this look, but haven’t figured out how much work it would be to get my hair to do it and I’m a little scared of cutting bangs.  Still, thinking hard…

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