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Pieces to fill out my fall wardrobe

One of the side benefits of starting a fashion blog is that I am now reading a TON of other fashion blogs.  It’s hard, sometimes, because I see looks that I adore but which wouldn’t work on my body shape.  Nonetheless, as the rest of the country moves into fall I am starting to see some things I need in order to fill out my wardrobe.

1) Leopard or other animal print cardigan.  I have seen these paired with all sorts of things and think the look is terrific.  I ordered one today from Old Navy, but am still keeping my eyes open for alternatives that might be of better quality.

(Related story: My local Marshall’s has one pair of Ellen Tracy Leopard Print Jeans in my size for $29.99.  They fit around my stomach/hips perfectly and are crazy comfortable, but they are skinny jeans which makes them, for whatever reason, cling to my thighs in a way that emphasizes that they (my thighs) are NOT skinny.  I’ve tried them on twice now.  Lane Bryant also has Seven7 skinny jeans in a leopard print, but at $88.99 I’m just not sure I can justify something so trendy.  However I think it is safe to say that at SOME point before the end of the season I will give in to the urge to get a pair of patterned jeans.)

2) A belt or two.  This still scares me, but I have seen a lot of outfits with the belt under a cardi but over a loose shirt and I really like the look.  Especially because that approach will counteract one of the biggest issues I have with belts: my butt.  It’s actually probably not my butt so much as the REALLY pronounced curve I have in my back.  If I wear a lower belt to look good in the front and not draw attention to the spare tire it has a tendency to pull funny in the back because of that curve.  However with a cardi over, no one will see that part.  So this is a style I intend to explore this winter just as soon as I find a belt that will do what I am looking for.

What does that mean?  Well, something like this would be lovely except they say that an XL is all of 36 inches.  That’s going to be WAY too small (unless it’s measured doubled over, which makes no sense).  Or something like this Chain Belt from Lane Bryant, although they only have 14-20 in stock at the moment.  Since I plan to wear it a bit lower on my hip, that won’t work either.  Nothing elastic, because that would result in it just sliding up to a bad place.  I’ll need to keep looking until I find something appropriate.

3) A scarf or two.  This is another one that I’m not quite sure how to style, but you only learn by doing, right?  I worry about the extra weight it would add to my already substantial chest, but it seems worth the effort to me to try a very sheer one and see how it might work in my wardrobe.  I love my long neckaces, so….