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Visible Monday: Summer’s Last Gasp OOTD 10/1/12

Despite the date being October 1st, summer in Arizona is apparently not quite done yet.  A quick survey of weather sites says that today and tomorrow will DEFINITELY be over 100, wednesday will probably be over 100, and thursday might be over 100.  Therefore I feel NO GUILT about breaking the rule my mother gave me about not wearing white after Labor Day; as far as I’m concerned, there is an exception to that rule specifically for temperatures in the triple digits.

Of course, I am a LITTLE sad to still be wearing summer clothing.  I LOVE fall and am assembling a lot of killer pieces to wear once the temperature drops a bit.  But right now the idea of closed-toed shoes (let alone boots) and long-sleeve sweaters makes me uncomfortable just to think about.

Today’s outfit is simple enough:

  • White Knit Cropped Jeans from Coldwater Creek
  • Color blocked top in purple, salmon and white from Marshall’s
  • Wire-wrapped purple turquoise necklace courtesy of an artist friend (here is a similar piece)
  • Silver Tiffany’s Heart bracelet (an early gift from my husband, making it now more than 10 years old…. time flies….)
  • Naot Fusion (Women's) - Metal Road Leather/Black Gloss/Silver LeatherNaot Fusion sandals
  • I keep a black card in the office in case it gets chilly, but of course that usually isn’t a problem.

And my hair appears to be doing REALLY good things today!  Ah, the power of getting up early enough to blow-dry….


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