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The shopping-fu is strong in this one

I love a good deal more than anything I can possibly think of.  I mean, it makes me giddy.  When I get a good deal I will sometimes buy pieces that are experiments.  I did that a couple of weeks ago with Coldwater Creek but only half of the items fit well enough to keep.  I had to take $42.21 worth of stuff back.

Now, I’m still cranky with Coldwater Creek for no longer carrying 3x in their stores; I started shopping there in the first place because I could go in and try things on, and that isn’t possible any longer.  But I took a look through the clearance section anyway and tried a couple of things on.  And found the most amazing arizona garment…

This is their easy twill anorak jacket in a color they call deepest olive.  I probably wouldn’t have looked at it twice online, but when I tried it on I discovered it was far cuter than the picture success. (Popping the colar helps…a lot.)  It has some great detailing, including a bit of elastic at the waist to give it some shape and pockets that won’t gap awkwardly no matter whether the jacket is worn open or closed.

Of course, since they didn’t have the 3X I tried the 2X.  I was disappointed to find it didn’t quite fit; I could zip up the jacket but it was skin tight around the hips when I did.  Not a good look.  And being that tight meant that it gapped funny around the hips when it wasn’t zipped.  For that reason I went to the counter and checked if they had it in a 3X online.  They did.  At full price.  The one on clearance was marked down 34% plus another 30% off of that.

I talked to the girl at the counter about it and she informed that they could call in the order and get that price on it.  The end result was 139.95 marked down ti 89.95 with another 30% off of THAT and a 10 dollar coupon from my previous order.  End result: $58.25 with free shipping.

Obviously it would be  better if anyone could go online and get the great price I just got, but it does suggest that the occasional look around isn’t a bad idea.

And keep in mind that when you are dealing with a store that has physical locations like J.Jill or Coldwater Creek, you can usually return items there with no cost for shipping and if you order items you can get them shipped for free.  That can save a few dollars at least.



OOTD September 17th, 2012

I rode my bike to work this morning.  The side effect is that I feel good about my body but my hair isn’t behaving.  I also couldn’t seem to capture a natural looking smile.  I probably took 30 pictures before giving up and just looking serious.

This dress is another of my beloved Woman Within tank dresses.  They really do skim my curves perfectly enough that I didn’t bother with the cardigan until I got cold a couple of minutes ago!  This one is in a black and white print that really pops!

I am wearing it with a black cameo necklace that I got from Eloquii and remains a favorite, the Dana Buchman bracelet from Kohls,
Naot Fusion
 sandals, a black knit cardigan from Coldwater Creek (similar) and a red clutch that I got from the boutique across the street.

I love the idea of the pop of red in the clutch with everything else monochromatic. While monochromatic can look terrific and black and white almost NEVER goes out of style, the red makes it all feel a but more human!

Tomorrow I’ll try to do a better job at smiling!

OOTD September 16th, 2012

Sunday brunch with a close girlfriend over in Dallas.   Woke up to drizzly rain, in the 60’s which is a bit unusual for September, so decide I probably need light layering.

I wore my new Ariat black cowboy boots and a pair of grey jeans with a black leopard type print Size 22 from Cato ($25).  Then I paired jeans with a basic black tank from Chicos – Size 3.

Recently I scored a black Linda Lea soft drapey jacket from Marshalls $16.  Its ruffle detail, combined with the otherwise monochromatic looks, was just enough to take the hard edge off the outfit while providing a feminine layer to keep me warm.

I finished off the outfit with a Necklace & Earrings, Sam Moon $10, and a few bangle Bracelets that came in a big set from Stein Mart for  $12.

One thing about Dallas; throw on some cheetah and bling and you are dressed appropriately for pretty much anything!

OOTD September 12, 2012: More goodies from Kohls

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a surprisingly good experience at Kohls this past weekend.  This tank and cardi were part of the haul!

Both pieces are from their Apt. 9 line, although for whatever reason this gorgeous tank isn’t on their website.  What I love most about it is the variety of colors in it; shades of purple (like the cardi) along with some pops of orange and black.  I liked it so much I bought it in another color combination rooted in greens and yellows.

The necklace is from Forever 21, about the only type of thing I ever buy there.  All this was worn with the same old basic black trousers (I was in a rush) and a pair of Naot Fusion sandals that I find remarkably comfortable. Naot Footwear - Fusion (Metallic Road Leather/Black Gloss Leather/Silver Threads Leather) - Footwear

(I have to admit that I worry about how long the platform trend will stay in.  Personally, I LOVE it – some extra height without tottering around in heels.  But this is probably the closest thing to an out-there pair of platforms I have because I fear having them go out of style on me.)

OOTD, September 11, 2012

Kohls has been a hit or miss shopping experience for me.  Sometimes I find neat stuff there, but more often I run into problems.  The best line (Simply Vera Wang) isn’t available in plus sizes, but you better believe their cheap lines are.  Often with a smaller number of items, made from awful fabrics and in colors or patterns that don’t do anyone any favors.  Still, I go back because of experiences like this weekend.

Today’s outfit includes 2 Kohls items; the cardigan, which was on clearance for under $10 and the bracelet ($18), part of Dana Buchman’s jewelry line.

I put these items with an existing black tee, black trousers, and a hematite and onxy “pearl” necklace that I’ve probably had for 20 years (and which showed up better in my bathroom miror than it does in this picture.

This is a comfort-food outfit.  What I mean is that I woke up this morning to find it 20 degrees cooler than usual and raining, so I chose an outfit to make me feel warm and comfortable.  The rain is ending, so tomorrow it will be back to summer clothing.

Note to self:  Keep an eye out for a big, fun, silver necklace for this outfit!