Back in Black – OOTD 9/28/12

Today is Friday, so even work wear goes more casual.  However that doesn’t mean you can’t love it just as much.

Today’s shirt came from Kohl’s ($24.99), and is a piece I totally LOVE.  I got really excited when I found it because I had been given a version of it for last christmas in a color called pumice stone that looked terrible with my skin.  (I literally mourned when I had to take it back, and at the time the other colors weren’t available.  It is taking all my strength not to order it in the other two colors this very minute because I love the design that much.)  I love the art-deco inspired tone on tone sequins and the easy, forgiving shape of this top more than I can possibly explain.  I included the Kohls picture to make it a bit easier to see, but the effect isn’t supposed to be over the top; that’s part of what I love.

I actually had to run to the restroom to remember who made the olive cargo pants.  I’ve had them for a few years and wear them as an alternative to friday jeans.  They are actually convertible to capri-length, although I don’t generally “convert” them unless it is VERY hot out.  This pair happens to be from Lane Bryant, but since they are no longer on their site these are quite similar.

The necklace, which I adore for it’s clean, geometric lines and non-fussy material, is brass and came from Loyalty and Blood in Brooklyn by way of Fab.  Fab has proven to be a great way for me to find new artisans and interesting designs for jewelry, and is well worth a look if your taste runs to the modern.

This is paired with a bracelet (also brass) from the cute boutique across the street – it is half small chains and half what look like bicycle chains, in brass and black.  (I would link to them if they had any e-commerce at all, but they just have a page with their hours and upcoming special events.  If you want the address, drop me an email!)

I finished the outfit off with a pair of Merrill Stellabloom sandals in Black.  They have more support than most sandals (although not as much as my birkenstocks) and are good for walking around campus.

Merrell Stellabloom (Women's) - Black

While hardly a fancy outfit, I think it’s a keeper.  Easy, comfortable, fun accessories, and a coherent look.

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