OOTD September 27, 2012: Bright dress remix

I’ve gone on (and on, and on) about my love of these Roaman’s dresses and how great they fit, but frankly I often pair them with black just to calm things down a bit. This post shows the last time I wore today’s dress and did exactly that.

I don’t think that’s a BAD thing at all.  I love black.  I have a good dose of goth/rocker chick in my style, and refuse to give it up. (I also have a good dose of hippie chick and apparently like to mix them :-))  I love black.

I am, however, making an effort to style it differently.  So although the version on the RIGHT was my first instinct, I went with the version on the LEFT where I tied the cardi in the front at the waist.  I’m not 100% sold on the look…  As  a pear shape it is in my best interest to accentuate my upper half and make my lower half look smaller in order to create balance.  This does the opposite.  Yet at the same time, the tie isn’t tight enough to accentuate my waist, leaving me looking almost straight.  But I’m glad I tried it nonetheless.

Dress: Roaman’s 1X

Cardigan: J.Jill although only 1X left in the brown color

Necklace: some Pink thing from Charming Charlies that, in hindsight, doesn’t really stand out against the dress.

Bracelets: Lane Bryant Clearance Bin, but groups of bangles in every possible color are available everywhere.

Shoes: Birkenstock Mayari (I’ve been having a problem with Plantar Fasciitis which is, unfortunately, best resolved by wearing uber-sensible shoes for a few days.  Good thing I work on a college campus where Birks aren’t even a LITTLE out of place.)

Looking at these pictures led me to the idea that I might be better off getting a *gulp* belt and using that over the cardigan.  The gulp is for two reasons.  First, I tend to think a belt up under the boobs (or anywhere but the natural waist looks kind of dumb; this is a problem since my smallest point is right under my boobs.  Second, if I put the belt at my natural waist, where the curve of my back is, and bring it around levelly, I am going around my spare tire and emphasizing that.  If I go under it (ie wear the belt at an angle) I have to be VERY careful not to just outline the spare tire.

So I’m not sure.  I may stop on the way home and try a couple of things on….

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