This will probably sound stupid, but…

I had a bit of an epiphany this evening.  I was walking out of work and thinking about how I hadn’t taken a picture of today’s outfit.  I didn’t think it was up to snuff.  I didn’t think it was good enough.

If I don’t think the outfit is good enough to photograph and post, why should I think it’s good enough to wear at all?  More importantly, why should I wear it at all?  I obviously don’t think it’s that cute.  It was actually pretty generic, with a top that doesn’t fit quite the way I would like.

So why did I wear it?  It was easy; it was fast; I liked the color of the top.  But that isn’t enough.  Perhaps, if nothing else good comes of this blog and no one ever reads it, I will at least start to pay more attention to what I wear, get rid of the of the stuff that doesn’t fit correctly, and focus on buying things I love instead of lots of things in general.

Now if I could just find a nice, flowy black tank top to wear under things….Maybe this one. Update: Ordered.

(Comment from Sandra:   This month’s MORE magazine had an excellent article on this exact concept.)

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