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Better in person… Lane Bryant’s Corduroy Blazer

I’m not a big fan of Lane Bryant’s; I’ve got some things of theirs that I like, but more often I’ve been unimpressed with the quality, cut and style of their clothing. However I regularly (once per season) check in and try on some items to see if I like them.

Yesterday I visited a new store and wandered around.  I saw some things that were blah, some that looked like they might be cute but in fabrics I wasn’t wild about, and others that I tried on.  One of the items I tried on turned out to be FAR cuter than the picture on the website suggested and came home with me.

Now, having seen the way I dress, you know I don’t wear a lot of blazers/jackets.  Most of the time I find them confining and uncomfortable.  This one isn’t.

What it has is some terrific detailing – but what the official picture (left) fails to show is the terrific tailoring at the waist.  While it doesn’t looks boxy in the picture, by buttoning it up they lose some of the curve that makes a garment like this look terrific.

The fabric is a very VERY fine wale corduroy that I almost didn’t recognize as corduroy in the first place.  There is a lot of detailing at the waist that shows up better in the blue picture than the black.  Those details accentuate curves and make this a terrific looking jacket.

I tried to get a good shot (right) but my husband isn’t exactly the greatest photographer.  (I cut my head off in the picture due to a particularly bad hair day.)  However the fact that the shot is in our master bathroom should tell you that I brought the jacket home and will be wearing it if and when the temperature drops below triple digits here in Arizona.