Articles not to miss

If you haven’t noticed, I love black.  So it was both gratifying and useful that Wardrobe Oxygen did a great post today on why she promotes black for wardrobe staples.  You might agree or disagree, but she captured all of my reasons and put some of the fuzzier ones into words!

Already Pretty has a timely article on boot shaft height that was really an eye-opener for me.  Granted, having wide calves limits the number of choices I have, but I guarantee after reading through the article that I will think differently going forward when I try boots on!  Once I find the right height, zappos has the ability to filter boots based on both height AND shaft circumference!

40+ Style has been doing a great series on editing your closet (something that almost everyone needs to do).  Her latest article was on how to decide whether to keep or donate a garment that might help you make the hard decisions when the time goes.

Finally, Not Dead Yet Style posts a few quick and easy things you can do to give your look a pick-me-up.  One was “Lift your bra-straps” and this one is a BIG deal for us big-chested girls.  Your boobs should sit halfway between your shoulder and your elbow.  The BAND should be doing most of the heavy lifting, but the shoulders need to be sitting correctly as well.  It makes a WORLD of difference in how you look.

I would add one more tip to hers: STAND UP STRAIGHT.  I see so many women slouching, when you can easily look better and thinner by just improving your posture.  Shoulders back, ladies.  It really helps.


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