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The shopping-fu is strong in this one

I love a good deal more than anything I can possibly think of.  I mean, it makes me giddy.  When I get a good deal I will sometimes buy pieces that are experiments.  I did that a couple of weeks ago with Coldwater Creek but only half of the items fit well enough to keep.  I had to take $42.21 worth of stuff back.

Now, I’m still cranky with Coldwater Creek for no longer carrying 3x in their stores; I started shopping there in the first place because I could go in and try things on, and that isn’t possible any longer.  But I took a look through the clearance section anyway and tried a couple of things on.  And found the most amazing arizona garment…

This is their easy twill anorak jacket in a color they call deepest olive.  I probably wouldn’t have looked at it twice online, but when I tried it on I discovered it was far cuter than the picture success. (Popping the colar helps…a lot.)  It has some great detailing, including a bit of elastic at the waist to give it some shape and pockets that won’t gap awkwardly no matter whether the jacket is worn open or closed.

Of course, since they didn’t have the 3X I tried the 2X.  I was disappointed to find it didn’t quite fit; I could zip up the jacket but it was skin tight around the hips when I did.  Not a good look.  And being that tight meant that it gapped funny around the hips when it wasn’t zipped.  For that reason I went to the counter and checked if they had it in a 3X online.  They did.  At full price.  The one on clearance was marked down 34% plus another 30% off of that.

I talked to the girl at the counter about it and she informed that they could call in the order and get that price on it.  The end result was 139.95 marked down ti 89.95 with another 30% off of THAT and a 10 dollar coupon from my previous order.  End result: $58.25 with free shipping.

Obviously it would be  better if anyone could go online and get the great price I just got, but it does suggest that the occasional look around isn’t a bad idea.

And keep in mind that when you are dealing with a store that has physical locations like J.Jill or Coldwater Creek, you can usually return items there with no cost for shipping and if you order items you can get them shipped for free.  That can save a few dollars at least.