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ISO: a Black Denim Jacket

(Today’s post is the first post from my co-author, Sandra.  We have somewhat different styles (San is classic to my strange hippy/goth/something else mashup) and very different shapes (I’m a pear to her apple), but we both love clothing and love to shop.  

This is also the first in an occasional series on pieces we are actively trying to find that we’ll be calling In Search Of: or, to be briefer, ISO.)

Black Denim Jackets in plus sizes seem to be elusive.  It’s one of those simple, casual but classic pieces (like a white denim jacket) that I love to have in my wardrobe at all times. I never see them in stores, so decided to hunt for one online yesterday.  They are perfect for throwing on over a tee, cami or tank, and do a great job of hiding figure flaws.  This type of piece is essential when you are traveling to a cooler climate without investing in warmer clothes you might not wear back home.

I’d been keeping my eyes open, and Coldwater Creek is featuring one that caught my eye, a more feminine curvy cut.   I have not received it yet so stay tuned for a post on the fit very soon.  I ordered a size 24, to hopefully allow room to allow a heavier weight top and push/cuff the sleeves to bracelet length.    I’ve been on this cowboy boot kick lately and I can envision this pairing with several jeans/skirt pieces I already worn.

This one, Denim Weekend Jacket – $99 constructed of cotton/elasterell has seams that appear to hug your curves, as well as an adjustable buckle in the back to avoid it looking so boxy. I used my $25 off anything coupon to save as the thought of a basic denim jacket being over $100 shipped was a bit more than I had hoped to spend.  However, I have been doing less “wow this is a good deal even though I didn’t need it until I saw it” shopping and spending the extra on pieces I love.

Onestop plus/Woman Within has a cropped one for $39, which i would have totally snagged had it been about 2-3″ longer.   Super cute but unless you are tall, probably is gonna hit at all the problem areas.   Also the cropped is just too trendy to be a staple.

While looking for alternatives, I ran across an online retailer I have not seen before,  Monrow & Main.   While the jacket is not “me” the cut of the jacket is pretty interesting.  (Pintuck Denim, $70).   I’ll be surfing this site for sure to see what else they have.   At first glance, there are some pretty cute things.

(Comment from Rebecca: I had never seen this site before either, and have to agree that there are some CUTE items on here.  When I have time and spending money, I intend to go back and buy a few things to check out the cut, styling, and quality.)

If the Creek one doesn’t pan out, I’ll probably snag Jessica London‘s $44 version… available in sizes 12-38.  This one with classic styling and black stitching is more what I envisioned before I got all misty eyed at the feminine cut of they Creek one.

(I found a few more: one from Domino Dollhouse that is also very cropped.  $45.99  That style looks good on some people, not so good on  others.  Since this appears even more cropped than the one above, it might not be a good bet.

The second one is from City Chic and also appears cropped.  However it has puffy shoulders which MIGHT provide some balance and width at the shoulders for those of us with wide hips. 

My guess is that neither of these would work for San, but they are here for completeness’ sake.  Cropped seems to require the wearer to be tall, and since neither of us are we run the risk of cropped jackets hitting at the wrong place.  

One final possibility would be this design from Simply Be $59.  Given her current western kick this might be really cute.)