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Back in Black – OOTD 9/28/12

Today is Friday, so even work wear goes more casual.  However that doesn’t mean you can’t love it just as much.

Today’s shirt came from Kohl’s ($24.99), and is a piece I totally LOVE.  I got really excited when I found it because I had been given a version of it for last christmas in a color called pumice stone that looked terrible with my skin.  (I literally mourned when I had to take it back, and at the time the other colors weren’t available.  It is taking all my strength not to order it in the other two colors this very minute because I love the design that much.)  I love the art-deco inspired tone on tone sequins and the easy, forgiving shape of this top more than I can possibly explain.  I included the Kohls picture to make it a bit easier to see, but the effect isn’t supposed to be over the top; that’s part of what I love.

I actually had to run to the restroom to remember who made the olive cargo pants.  I’ve had them for a few years and wear them as an alternative to friday jeans.  They are actually convertible to capri-length, although I don’t generally “convert” them unless it is VERY hot out.  This pair happens to be from Lane Bryant, but since they are no longer on their site these are quite similar.

The necklace, which I adore for it’s clean, geometric lines and non-fussy material, is brass and came from Loyalty and Blood in Brooklyn by way of Fab.  Fab has proven to be a great way for me to find new artisans and interesting designs for jewelry, and is well worth a look if your taste runs to the modern.

This is paired with a bracelet (also brass) from the cute boutique across the street – it is half small chains and half what look like bicycle chains, in brass and black.  (I would link to them if they had any e-commerce at all, but they just have a page with their hours and upcoming special events.  If you want the address, drop me an email!)

I finished the outfit off with a pair of Merrill Stellabloom sandals in Black.  They have more support than most sandals (although not as much as my birkenstocks) and are good for walking around campus.

Merrell Stellabloom (Women's) - Black

While hardly a fancy outfit, I think it’s a keeper.  Easy, comfortable, fun accessories, and a coherent look.

OOTD September 27, 2012

Been working very long days/nights lately, and getting up is hard.   Working from home, it’s so tempting to either show up in jammies or toss on yoga pants and a tee.  On a normal day where I’m full of energy, I can do that.  However, I have learned that if you are really dragging then you need to take a shower, do your hair, and put on something great.    Honestly I’m still waiting for the effects of that effort to materialize, but on to the outfit.

I paired some dark wash Jessica Simpson skinny jeans from TJMaxx ($20) with a basic Chico’s tank ($19), a tiered flowy jacket in watermelon that I scored at Marshalls ($15)  and a scarf from Chicos ($39) in taupe/white/cream and watermelon.

I know: I gasped at the price of the scarf when I bought it, but it’s a great example of how accessories make the outfit as well as provide some additional benefits.    Being over-blessed in the boobage department and having a short neck coupled with white tank is just a magnet for spilling something onto the tank.    I can just retie the scarf to cover up any damage and not feel like a slob the rest of the day.

(Note from Rebecca:  I never wear scarves, but this is a really good case for them.  I personally worry that they just add more weight where I don’t need it, but as a member of the “must always have a Tide Pen in her purse for when (not if) she spills something on her chest” club, this does present another possibility.)

The purse is a member of my Brahmin collection, A Tri-Color Lisa Dome Satchel in Prosecco, ($325) from Dillards; a color which appears to be sold out online, but available on eBay.

Shoes are taupe Delta Jellypop’s I found on clearance at DSW for $24.


Bracelet leather and silver in a soft chocolate brown from Lucky Brand from Belks.

OOTD September 27, 2012: Bright dress remix

I’ve gone on (and on, and on) about my love of these Roaman’s dresses and how great they fit, but frankly I often pair them with black just to calm things down a bit. This post shows the last time I wore today’s dress and did exactly that.

I don’t think that’s a BAD thing at all.  I love black.  I have a good dose of goth/rocker chick in my style, and refuse to give it up. (I also have a good dose of hippie chick and apparently like to mix them :-))  I love black.

I am, however, making an effort to style it differently.  So although the version on the RIGHT was my first instinct, I went with the version on the LEFT where I tied the cardi in the front at the waist.  I’m not 100% sold on the look…  As  a pear shape it is in my best interest to accentuate my upper half and make my lower half look smaller in order to create balance.  This does the opposite.  Yet at the same time, the tie isn’t tight enough to accentuate my waist, leaving me looking almost straight.  But I’m glad I tried it nonetheless.

Dress: Roaman’s 1X

Cardigan: J.Jill although only 1X left in the brown color

Necklace: some Pink thing from Charming Charlies that, in hindsight, doesn’t really stand out against the dress.

Bracelets: Lane Bryant Clearance Bin, but groups of bangles in every possible color are available everywhere.

Shoes: Birkenstock Mayari (I’ve been having a problem with Plantar Fasciitis which is, unfortunately, best resolved by wearing uber-sensible shoes for a few days.  Good thing I work on a college campus where Birks aren’t even a LITTLE out of place.)

Looking at these pictures led me to the idea that I might be better off getting a *gulp* belt and using that over the cardigan.  The gulp is for two reasons.  First, I tend to think a belt up under the boobs (or anywhere but the natural waist looks kind of dumb; this is a problem since my smallest point is right under my boobs.  Second, if I put the belt at my natural waist, where the curve of my back is, and bring it around levelly, I am going around my spare tire and emphasizing that.  If I go under it (ie wear the belt at an angle) I have to be VERY careful not to just outline the spare tire.

So I’m not sure.  I may stop on the way home and try a couple of things on….

OOTD: September 24, 2012

With a long work day ahead, the dreaded Monday morning video conference for “Team Building”, and an eye appointment all before 11am, I needed more than jeans and a tee for work this morning.     It’s still very warm out, so pulled out a light ombre white,  green and blue top from Liz Claiborne Woman (3x) from JCP earlier this summer, paired with favorite boot cut jeans, and platform sandals X-appeal “Kilda” from Rack Room ($39) shoes.  I love these shoes they embody the crisp nautical look that I favor in the summers.

To complete the look, I added this year’s Brahmin acquisition, a blue/white drawstring bucket tote, the “Trina” in Pacific $345.  They appear to be sold out but I have seem them pop on eBay.   I love Brahmin’s bags; this style is perfect for travel and holds a slew of gear with panache, including an iPad bottle of water, etc.  I have another one in this style that I have hauled all over the world and it still looks fabulous.   This tote from their “Pacific” collection is very out of character for the normal Croc embossed leather they are known for, but I so love nautical, I saw it at Dillards, started hyperventilating and bought it without even looking at the price.    Normally once a bag gets up in the $300+ range, I tend to circle the purchase for a few days to make sure it’s not a total impulse, but I just had to have it.

Finally, I added a cute turtle bracelet I have had for years.   I’m noticing more green out there in the stores this year YAY!, so there will more opportunity to wear it ahead.

pleated poppy

This will probably sound stupid, but…

I had a bit of an epiphany this evening.  I was walking out of work and thinking about how I hadn’t taken a picture of today’s outfit.  I didn’t think it was up to snuff.  I didn’t think it was good enough.

If I don’t think the outfit is good enough to photograph and post, why should I think it’s good enough to wear at all?  More importantly, why should I wear it at all?  I obviously don’t think it’s that cute.  It was actually pretty generic, with a top that doesn’t fit quite the way I would like.

So why did I wear it?  It was easy; it was fast; I liked the color of the top.  But that isn’t enough.  Perhaps, if nothing else good comes of this blog and no one ever reads it, I will at least start to pay more attention to what I wear, get rid of the of the stuff that doesn’t fit correctly, and focus on buying things I love instead of lots of things in general.

Now if I could just find a nice, flowy black tank top to wear under things….Maybe this one. Update: Ordered.

(Comment from Sandra:   This month’s MORE magazine had an excellent article on this exact concept.)