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OOTD August 28, 2012

Today I wore one of my favorite summer dresses.  This Navy Seersucker Knit dress from Lands End has been a go-to all summer due to looking pulled together while feeling soft and light.  (Of course, it’s no longer available on their site.

The cardigan is one I’ve worn on here before from OneStopPlus.  The necklace is from a local artisan.  (Jewelry is a great way to support local artists AND find unique pieces!  It’s often less expensive than you would expect, as well.)

What is particularly great about the dress is the way the bodice is cut to emphasize curves.  (When I originally saw the dress in plus, they also had it in straight sizes.  The detailing on the bodice didn’t look right on the smaller body of the straight sized model.)

Notice the different directions of the stripes, with the almost bra-like cut and empire band under the bust.  These details accentuate the positives!

My only problem is that I was in between sizes when I bought it and wish I had chosen to go down a size rather than up.  This 3X is fitting kind of loosely right now, and would look a bit better if it were more fitted up top.  I might get it tailored before next summer.
Pikolinos - Moraira 845-8906F (Ron Leather) - Footwear

To add some kick, I wore this outfit with the red version of these shoes.  A girl can never have too many pairs of red shoes!  The brown would also work.

Brief review: H&M+ Fall 2012

H&M introduced a plus line in select stores and I have been anxious to see it.  ( Unfortunately the nearest store carrying it to Arizona was in LA.

This week, however, I was in Chicago for work and got a chance to check the line out at the downtown store.  I wasn’t impressed.

  1. The department was stuck in a small corner, packed tightly making it hard to see what many of the items looked like.
  2. The fit was very inconsistent.  I tried on items in size 20 that were too big and size 24 that were too small.
  3. But my biggest complaint was that it was DULL.  The rest of the store was full of bright, colorful clothing but the plus line is bland: black, tan, cream, tan, taupe.  There appears to be a bit more color in the summer line, but there is very little for fall. One purple jacket, a maroon top, a green top, but that’s it.  The department even LOOKS blah from a distance.
  4. There were a lot of basics but very few of the fashion forward styles I had hoped for.  Simple jackets, trousers, sheath dresses, etc. were there, but  I only saw one casual skirt, one pencil skirt, no maxi skirts or dresses and hardly any prints.

In the end I didn’t buy anything. There just wasn’t even a single item that I felt was  attractive, unique, and well fitting enough to justify the cost, which is saying a lot given how low the prices are.  Were I a young professional just starting out, this collection MIGHT be a good way to get a good foundational wardrobe.

But until they add more trendy clothing, make it more colorful and standardize the sizing, the collection is unlikely to be compelling.  My hoped is that as the collection matures and the US site gets online orders (thereby increasing the market) the collection will improve.

The end result was that I didn’t buy anything.

New Anna Scholz at Simply Be

There are some new Anna Scholz item at Simply Be, one of which blew me away in terms of how great it is for work.  Take a look at the whole collection, but particularly this great comeback dress. It is both professional and easy on as cold winter morning.

OOTD – August 21, 2012

I had lunch yesterday with a friend who told me I could pass for 30.  I almost kissed him!  I’m 46.  I’ll take 30 any day of the week.

Today may look like a Tuesday on your calendar, but it is sort of a friday for me.  Tomorrow I have to be up at *gaak* 4am to catch a 6am flight to Chicago for a 2 day project kick-off meeting.  That means today is the last day in the office.

Top: Izod XXL, purchased at Marshall’s, bottom elastic removed (see this post).

Pants: White Knit Jeans from Coldwater Creek (22) although I think mine are straight leg and not slim leg.

Bracelet stack in White and Gold from the cute little boutique across the street

Necklace by Cyd

I have to admit that I’m still getting used to working with the bracelets.  I never wore them to work because I was always concerned about them hitting my wrists funny.  (I work at a computer all day, so I worry about my wrists.)  Still, these have been fine so far.

Grazie - Topaz (Brown) - Footwear I’m wearing the outfit with these shoes.  I like the sparkle and the gold, but I won’t be walking very far in them.  They provide very little cushioning or support, for all that they are cute.

OOTD – August 20, 2012

One of the reasons I am photographing my outfits is to FORCE myself to think more broadly and not wear the same dozen things over and over.  Today, I went for a color combination that is somewhat out of my comfort zone.

This outfit consists of an Olive ankle-length knit maxi skirt from Coldwater Creek (no longer on their site) in a 2X, the Pintucked Batik Cotton Tank from J.Jill  in eucalyptus in a 3X and a white short-sleeved cardigan available through either OneStopPlus or Roaman’s in their weirdly sized 1X.  As a final touch, I added a string of cultured pearls interspersed with semi-precious stones such as amethyst and citrine that I have had forever (although this is similar).

This cardigan is one of those items that I find fascinating in that it looks different on me than on the model in the picture.  In part it could be that I have it a size bigger than it needs to be (although I ordered my normal 1X from there).  On the model it appears to have more of a curve to it, which disappears on me, and as you can see I am folding it over in the front because it otherwise overlaps oddly.  Still, the fabric is nice and soft, and the cardigan is REALLY light-weight, making it perfect for an Arizona summer!

I wore this outfit with J-41 – Naples (Olive) – Footwear from Zappos, primarily because I need to walk about 4 blocks to lunch and needed something that wouldn’t wreck my feet.  These are comfortable, supportive and the right colors (even if they don’t look quite right in the pictures.  I blame that on the yellowish wall in my office.

Finally I am carrying my cheetah print Michael Kors tote this week in preparation for a trip on Wednesday-Friday.  It goes with everything and will let me carry on what I need.  Tonight or tomorrow I will have a post showing how I prep and pack for such a trim!