OOTD, August 15, 2012

Most women have a few outfits in their closet that they can pull on without too much thought.  You know, the outfits you go to when you oversleep, just aren’t waking up, or realize you have to get out of the house quickly that morning.  This is one of mine.

It reflects a current trend that, as far as I’m concerned, can stay in style forever: Color blocking.  I love the look.  It allows you to add color, geometry and style to an outfit without overcomplicating it.  In this case, the top is made by Cable & Gauge and was purchased at TJ Maxx (size 3x), while the black trousers are from Lane Bryant (when they had their weird sizings, so I believe these are a Blue (curvy) 4).  I skipped a necklace and instead wore a leather studded wrap bracelet in a similar pink, very similar to this design (although they have different colors).

Behind me, you can just barely see one of my two favorite bags.  I took a better picture to show the details.

This is a Michael Kors Pocket Tote that, at the moment, is my go-to bag.  I have it in this pink (which matches the shirt better than the lighting in this picture shows) and in a cheetah print, which shows up from time to time on ebay for a MUCH better price (under $100).  Both are made of a nice cangas with leather details, have two large outside pockets (one for my phone, the other for sunglasses) as well as lots of interior pockets and a zippered compartment.  What I love most about this tote is that it wil hold anything and everything, but doesn’t look drastically different whether it is stuffed to the gills or has almost nothing in it.  At 14x10x3, it looks sleek but still will hold a LOT of stuff.

For shoes, I went with a pair of comfortable shoes that have a 1 inch platform by only a 3 inch heel; this is equivalent to a 2 inch heel without the platform and makes for a very mild, easy to walk in pair of shoes.

The company is Fly London, and these are from this summer’s line, a style called Glam Glaze.  Having said that, I cannot find them on the net anywhere anymore.  I do think these border on too young, but between the comfort and the staid nature of the rest of the outfit, I think it works.

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