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OOTD August 9, 2012

Photo on 8-9-12 at 12.01 PM by retants
Photo on 8-9-12 at 12.01 PM, a photo by retants on Flickr.

Tank is from Talbots by way of Marshall’s (I love a good deal) 2x
Cardigan is from Marshall’s 3x
Can’t recall where the tiered floral cotton maxi skirt came from (it’s at least 2 summer’s old) 3x
Necklace was purchased at a boutique in Denver, CO

If I needed to replace the skirt today, I would get:

this Joe Brown Tiered Gypsy Skirt, which is also cotton, tiered (which helps prevent the weird bubbling at the waist that can happen with non-tiered skirts when you have a smaller waist and big hips), long and full.  It would require a slightly different color of cardigan, but I love the golds and browns on the black background.  It will look good straight into fall.

The black tank is a wardrobe staple, and I am always on the lookout for more.

Regarding the cardigan, short sleeve cardigans do several things in my opinion.  First, they do a great job of balancing out my pear shaped frame – my shoulders are more balanced with my hips, making the overall silhouette more attractive.  Second, it keeps me a little warmer in the office*.  And third, it creates a vertical line down the center of my body, which I then accentuate with a long necklace.

In case you are wondering how I can call this a grown-up work look, I work at a University and have no meetings today, so while I need to look pulled together, I can choose a more feminine look like this.

* I live in Arizona.  It was 115 degrees outside yesterday.  For this reason you will see a lot of skirts with tanks (or tank dresses) and cardigans on me.  Cardigans are a necessity when the office is 30-40 degrees cooler than outside, and skirts are nearly always cooler than long pants.